13 almost imperceptible things in a woman that make her very attractive

Women's attractiveness is so delicate that it is impossible to adjust it to clear standards. Yes, of course, there are typical traits in the appearance or character of girls, which make men turn around after them. But there are also unusual, unexpected things in a woman, because of which men's hearts begin to beat more often.

Here are 13 of these strange little things that make a girl charming:

1. Laugh. The expression on the girl’s face becomes friendly, sincere and likeable, and inspires confidence. Dimples on cheeks look especially charming.

2. Neck. The neck of the girl, especially when she dismisses her luxurious long hair, deserves admiration. It looks elegant, feminine, elegant and sophisticated.

3. Blush on the cheeks. The blush on the cheeks, which appeared after intensive training, physical activity or from embarrassment - just a temptation.

4. Imperfect crooked nose. Girls with a crooked nose, a crooked nose. Well, maybe not twisted, but, for example, sharp, or just non-standard. This emphasizes the personality of the girl, shows her character.

5. Small bags under the eyes.

6. In the style of Messy buns. When the girl has almost no trace of make-up on her face, her curly hair is gathered in a loose bun with a rubber band, and she is wearing the same dirty T-shirt and sweatpants that would have been thrown away long ago. But she still wears them, because they are damn convenient and practical.

7. Scars on the face.

8. Terrible dances.

9. Low voice.

10. Easy bitterness on face.

11. Dimples on the shoulders.

12. Delight. Expression of a sense of delight from any small things (finding a bill in the street under your feet, buying the last thing on sale, etc.)

13. Clothing oversized.
Slim slim girl in a hoodie, which is several sizes larger.