8 obvious indicators that a man uses you only for self-satisfaction

Sometimes love is so blind that we simply do not notice that we are shamelessly used. So look in both and be extremely careful!

1. He constantly remembers the past

Naturally, in a negative way, remembering all your sins, your own wrongs and even what was before meeting him. Putting you a long list of your bad qualities and actions, thus it makes you constantly feel guilty and make excuses in front of him in order to smooth out his imaginary guilt.

2. He compares you to his ex.

And, moreover, this comparison happens to the worst for you. It turns out that his former woman was more passionate, beautiful, understanding and kind. And you are just a clumsy copy that you still have to work and work on.

3. He can be gentle and tender with you only when he wants something.

Many options - sex, delicious dinner, help, money, or your consent. All this looks very selfish and very disappointing that you are just being shamelessly used to extract your own profit.

4. He thinks your relationship is temporary

And it treats you like entertainment, a change of scenery and a sip of something new. In this situation, a man will never take you seriously, make plans for a joint future and will not let him into his life. After all, you are only a woman for a time, not binding and, accordingly, not demanding.

5. He speaks, but does not

In words, he can promise a lot of things and build castles in the air. But when it comes to action, all his determination instantly evaporates, and he just forgets everything he talked about.

6. It changes dramatically

A month ago, he was the best, kind, and responsive man on earth, and today there is someone completely alien, cold, and unfamiliar with you. The explanation for this is that he used all his “idealism” in order to endear himself to you and to use him for mercenary purposes. And now he just became real, the way he always was.

7. He keeps you on track

It does not open to you, does not allow too close, and as if constantly hiding something. His life is closed to you, and only you try to get a little closer, he immediately slam the door shut.

8. Close people worry for you.

It can be heard from all sides: “Take off, finally, rose-colored glasses and look around! This is not the man for whom you take him. " Maybe, after all, it is worthwhile to heed, finally, what they advise you and stop living in the world of illusions?