6 signs of the zodiac, distinguished by outstanding emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence implies the ability to realize, understand and control your emotions, thereby influencing the emotions of others. People endowed with emotional intelligence, as a rule, are extremely receptive, passionate, self-conscious and always ready to adapt to any circumstances.


Cancers are endowed with a special talent to have others around them and encourage them to share their feelings quite openly and honestly. This is probably due to the inherent ability of Cancers to listen and the desire to help with solving the problem.

Relationships of Cancers with others are built primarily on the emotional connection, so the desire to understand the feelings of other people and empathize with them is always decisive for Rakov.


Twins never try to ignore their feelings, especially negative ones. If a situation occurs in their lives, accompanied exclusively by negative emotions towards the other person, they try to resolve it as soon as possible.

The twins do not even consider an option that invites them to remain silent and do nothing. Conflicts, of course, do not give them pleasure, but still look more preferable than silence.


Fish are endowed with phenomenal emotional intelligence, allowing them to empathize with the problems of others and look at things from a different angle.

Fish are not so stubborn as to lose prudence or refuse to change. They share the pain of others and can easily present their thoughts and feelings in a similar situation. It is likely that they already have a difficult experience in solving such problems.

a lion

The desire for self-awareness is one of the main qualities that characterizes the high level of emotional intelligence in Lviv. They are well aware of their weaknesses and strengths and are always in the process of self-development and growth.

In addition, the Lions never stop on their laurels, always continuing to move forward and more and more improving their strengths. Lions perfectly control their emotions and understand the emotions and feelings of others.


Libra's emotional intelligence is manifested in their ability to see people through. They perfectly interpret body language, are able to read between the lines and always pay attention to the smallest details. Libra literally anticipates the needs of other people.

They unconditionally trust their intuition in the most difficult situations. Scales never act impulsively and prefer to study the situation before making a final decision.


Emotional intelligence, backed by an analytical mindset, allows Virgos to differentiate between what they need and what they want.

Virgos always try to understand the behavior of other people. They try to control their emotions, but still occasionally throw them out in a more meaningful and rational manner. Virgos always take into account the feelings of other people in order not to hurt them unintentionally.