3 features of a real woman that a man wants to conquer again and again

Self-esteem is an absolutely amazing and necessary thing. We have to do what works for us and precisely because it works for us! We are endowed with strength, courage and ability.

Nevertheless, we really want to attract members of the opposite sex and be desirable for them. Therefore, this advice to ladies - how to become irresistible for men:

1. Be true to who you are.

Do not try to be the one that you think men like. First, you are most likely mistaken. And secondly, it will look artificial and visible through and through. Someone likes it when you are. The more you hide and waste it, the harder it will be for a person to find you. If a person cannot cope with you (within reason, of course), then this is clearly not the one for whom you should waste your time.

2. Show interest, but let the initiative be with him

We all appreciate that we earn ourselves more, with something that they give us. Therefore, when we have to work on something, it automatically becomes more valuable to us. However, many men become very hesitant because of all the failures they encounter in life.

Even the most successful man in the arsenal will have more defeats than victories. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to let the young man know that you like him and that he will not be rejected. Will you shyly look at each other, feel free to look into each other's eyes, or just go and talk to him - all this will work. But do not overdo it and do not facilitate his task! He must show that he is ready to act in order to gain your attention.

Therefore, after you talk to him a little, tell him that you need to go back to your friends, but you can talk later. In this way, he will understand what may be closer to you, but he still needs to act in order to win your attention.

3. Connect your femininity.

Still, there are male and female energies. At best, there is a good combination of both. Many successful women try to use in a romantic relationship those qualities that helped them professionally. But it does not work.

For example, qualities such as aggressiveness, a strong handshake, competitiveness, and boldness are male traits. They are well suited for the work environment, but are completely unnecessary on a date. A man does not want to meet with a business woman. He wants to meet a woman who is also successful in business. This is a small but very important difference.

Instead, demonstrate your upbringing, sensuality, responsiveness, compassion, eloquence and ability to care on a date. These traits of men love in a woman most of all: so you can understand how to be irresistible for men. You will simply move from your “business style” to the “dating style”. And you will be amazed at how men look at you.