8 ways not to wash your hair every day and look well-groomed

If you have oily hair, then perhaps they are healthy, just exhausted daily routine. We have a few tips on how to care for hair prone to fat, so that there are no days of “bad hair”.

Dry shampoo should always be in your bag.

To make your hair look fresh before the next wash, you need to keep your hair in good condition throughout the day. This can help you dry shampoo, which does not take up too much space in your purse, but at the same time will give your hair volume and a fresh look, if you need it.

Apply conditioner only to hair ends.

Many women spoil their hair with air conditioning, or rather, its improper use. do not apply this tool to the entire length, and even more so on the roots. The main task of the conditioner is to make the hair softer and prevent it from becoming tangled. And for this you just need to put his tips.

Try using conditioner before shampoo

Perhaps this method is rather unusual, but lately it has been particularly popular in the care of leading stylists. Thus, the shampoo will remove the remaining oil from the conditioner. This will give your hair moisturizing, but not too strong, so that the hair does not become greasy for a long time.

Mix shampoo with salt

This scrub can be used once a week to clean and degrease hair and scalp. If you are a supporter of only ready-made cosmetics, choose the most suitable in the store.

Use a rinse with vinegar

This product will help to clean the hair and give them volume. It also helps to get rid of dandruff and irritation on the scalp and really gives shine to hair!

Do not wash your hair every day

From the fact that you often wash out natural fats from your hair, hair follicles begin to secrete them even more. Of course, in order to accustom your hair to a rarer washing, it will take some time. But the main thing is that it is possible!

Do not weight hair

Carefully choose products for hair. Watch how your hair behaves after using this or that product. As a rule, not everyone, even the most expensive and professional shampoo may be right for you. If the hair looks luxurious after the budget, then let it be your permanent option.

Stop touching your hair

It's simple, but everyone likes to touch their hair, play with strands, and this is the reason that they quickly become greasy. Imagine that these are as bad habits as nail biting. Unless of course, you want to always have a clean and silky hair.