8 red flags that a man controls you and not loves


Living with a man who always doubts everything, including his darling, can have devastating consequences for her well-being and emotional state, as well as for the relationship itself.

When a woman is already fed up, she stops trying to fix something. She feels that his demands are too great. No matter how hard she tries, such a man will always find a new thing, which she does not correspond to.

Here are some of the signs of an uncertain and anxious man that manifest themselves in relationships:

1. He constantly questions your motives.

You know that you work hard to take care of yourself and your family. You know that you rarely have time to take care of yourself or do what you would like to do.

No matter how hard you work on things, he still finds ways to question your motives.

2. He keeps score

You suddenly discover that he never forgets the time and number of times in the past month when you went for a walk with friends or went to visit your mom. He repeatedly told you about how often you had the opportunity to leave or leave, compared to how many times he could do it.

If he spends time without you more often, there is always a reason why most of his walks are not counted, and yours are always.

3. He believes that you always have something to hide from him

No matter what your arguments underlie your actions and what you have to say, it always reads between the lines. He thinks he can read things by the expression of your face, or by the tone of your voice, or by the words you decide to use.

He accuses you of what you would never say, do not do or think of. It happens so often that from time to time you start thinking: "I can really do it, because he always blames me for that."

4. Quarrel almost always becomes a defense, not a solution.

Sometimes you try to protect yourself when he blames you. Sometimes you just try to go through it.

He quickly finds "flaws" in your explanation of what you really mean, and continues to blame you. He often says that you are lying when in fact you are telling the truth.

Almost never there is a way to solve a problem and leave it behind. In the end, you feel guilty and unloved, no matter what you do.

5. You often quarrel over not praising or thanking him.

For example, the two of you are preparing to go somewhere in the light. He enters the room and praises how cool you look, and even before you have time to make him a compliment, you have trouble.

He will inform you that you had many opportunities to compliment or thank him, but, recalling the situation, you know that you have not had the opportunity to say this.

6. He wants to know about your every conversation or message you receive.

Before you answer the phone, he needs to know who you are talking to. He will not stand if you receive a message and respond to it if he does not know who it is and what it is about.

Then he may sulk, because someone else attracts your attention. He may accuse you of complaining about him to others or even cheating on him.

7. On his part, many assumptions have been made that you "just need to know"

He is often angry because you do not understand how he feels or what he needs. You tell him that you cannot read his thoughts, but he does not hear you.

He objects, saying that you have been dating for so long and the situation is repeated time after time, so that "you should have known this."

8. He is very jealous of you friends.

You know that you give priority to him and your relationship. Since he is not so sure, you are sympathetic to his concern for the time you spend with your close friends or family. You have already reduced the time for meeting with them, limited your conversations and messages, but he still complains and scolds you because of this until you have friends left to communicate.

If this happens to you, and you can no longer be in this relationship, you yourself should initiate a change in the relationship. No one has the right to deprive you of communication with your friends and relatives. If your man constantly attacks this right, think here and now seriously, and is this your man?