How to reconcile with each sign of the zodiac after a quarrel



Do not walk around the straight Aries. Ask for forgiveness, admit your guilt, promise never to repeat your mistake again and keep this word, as Aries do not tolerate unfulfilled promises. Do not wait for the right moment to apologize, because Aries can already think about finding a new partner.


Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the zodiac. If you have a fight, you need to recognize that your Taurus partner was right. Until you do, all communication between you will be terminated. In addition, it would be nice to plan your future behavior in case of future conflicts. A constructive and healthy approach will help dispel the fears of your watchful partner.


Send them a funny apology message. Nothing affects Gemini like humor. If you are guilty of much more serious, write them a sincere letter with a confession of your mistake and offer an apology. The twins appreciate quick, decisive action and will not be on duty on the phone while waiting for your call. If you want to solve the problem, you should go to contact.


Reconciliation with Cancers by Rebecca from you patience, tact and delicacy. Crayfish are incredibly vulnerable, so try not to focus on your mistakes and do not tease them if they have stumbled. Unconditional declaration of love, as a rule, is able to correct any situation. Give them the attention they deserve, show care and do not stutter about the quarrel again.

a lion

Flattery will always help you make amends to the Lions. Apologize for your wrongdoing and declare that you are not worthy of his love. Scattering lions with gifts will also help you make peace soon. Dedicate them all their time and pay more attention at times. Only such an approach will allow the Lions to forgive you for all your sins.


Stop cursing and swearing, start to follow the etiquette, because only in this case you will again be able to incline Dev. Try not to be late for meetings and maintain order at home. Virgos are much more eager to want to reconcile with you if they notice clear changes in your behavior.


Show great interest in the affairs of Libra. Try to praise them more and more often. Weights always need such confirmation of their significance. That is why you apologize, as expressed in the letter, as expressed personally. The scales must be sure that you really want to change.


Show your loyalty not in word but in deed. Conversations care little for Scorpions, only actions can produce the necessary effect on them. Give up bad habits, help them solve a serious problem and always try to resolve their doubts. Scorpios never complain just like that.


Arrange them a warm, conciliatory meeting. Establish good relationships with friends of Streltsov, because they are more important for them than any romantic relationship. The sooner you become your own in this company, the sooner you solve the problem with your partner-Sagittarius.


Be honest and straightforward. Capricorn will always notice deception. If you failed, admit it and strongly prove that you want to change. Empty promises will not work in this case. Never tease Capricorns in those moments when you want to reconcile with them, they do not like these games.


Invite Aquarius to discuss your problems over a cup of coffee. He simply will not resist the free exchange of ideas. Try not to show your emotions in front of his eyes, otherwise you risk being alone. Do not try to keep secrets from Aquarius anymore, because you need to be open and honest with him if you want your relationship to develop.


Leave yourself to the mercy of this zodiac sign. Stop being so demanding and obsessive. Romance and limitations for them are incommensurable. Fish are easily vulnerable, so they appreciate a more gentle and loving approach. Prove to them your affection and love and you can count on their condescension.