The story of the "second" wife

The story of my friend Oli is as old and banal as the world, but, nevertheless, from this it does not cease to be topical, acute and burning. Olya met Kirill on the Internet on a dating site. Handsome, secured and, most importantly, bachelor, he immediately attracted Olga, who was lonely and yearning for male attention. Word for word, and their correspondence became more and more personal and not intended for prying eyes, and after the meeting they realized that they were made for each other.

True, Kirill immediately warned that his work is an irregular service, where at any time, day or night, they can call or send on an unforeseen business trip. And, of course, no unexpected calls, because the authorities monitor all the phones. Olya, of course, understood all this, and vowed not to call so easily, especially in the evenings, and to be able to enter the position of Cyril.

Thus began their almost family life. Family - because soon Cyril began quite often to stay overnight at Olya, got things, a toothbrush in her cup, they went shopping together, cooked dinner, solved urgent problems, in general, almost like a full-fledged couple. But, nevertheless, it was not a family, but “almost” - as Kirill did not want to formalize the marriage yet, referring to the fact that he wanted to be sure that he could fully provide for his future wife and child, arrange an elegant wedding and do so so that they do not know the need for anything. But for this you need to suffer a little bit. Olga happily laughed, thinking about what a noble man she found herself.

Their civil marriage lasted for a year and a half, when one day Cyril accidentally forgot his mobile at home. Within an hour, a certain “Igor Work” so insistently called him that Olya, unable to bear it, took the phone to say that Kirill would call back as soon as he came home. Having accepted the call, she heard a high female voice chattering into the phone: “Kirill, you excuse me for calling while you are at work, but here we have force majeure. Maksimka has a temperature of 39, does not get lost in anything, he cries constantly, his father calls. Zayed from work, buy medicines, otherwise I just don’t know what to do. And yes, and do not forget to buy bread, but it is over. "

Olya quickly disconnected the call and stared in horror at Cyril's mobile. She was a smart girl and immediately realized that Madame with a squeaky voice was his wife, and Maksimka was a sick son. Olga took a deep breath, looked around the room, looked at the joint happy photos, advertising booklets of wedding dresses and services of the toastmaster. Rage began to boil inside her, and she threw the heavy crystal vase against the wall with all its strength, which shattered into a thousand pieces, as did her failed life.

In the evening, the assembled bag and greetings from his wife and Maksimka waited "from work" for happy Cyril. Olin family life collapsed, and not having time to really begin. But, as we have said, she was a wise woman, and did not roll up scandals and threaten threats to Cyril’s wife; She chose her own life and her own future, which she would build with her own hands, without a traitor who turned out to be weak, weak-willed and cowardly.