8 types of male losers who pull a woman down behind him


Often the search for a good man is comparable to trying to find a grain of rice in the Olympic pool - almost impossible. But it is not so in reality. And among the not very successful, too, there are good men, the question is with whom to compare. But in order to save your time and nerves, below are some of the worst types of men and ways to recognize them.

Pay attention: the described features are inherent in all men from time to time. But what makes a man truly terrible is that he behaves so constantly, and that is the problem.

1. A man who does not respond when you write or call

Pay attention to his communication habits. A man must answer a message or a call within a reasonable time. If it takes him a long time to respond or he completely ignores you, stop communicating. Nothing good from someone who can not press a few buttons on the phone, do not have to wait. And you should not start a relationship with those who never start a dialogue first.

2. He who constantly lies

Pay attention to his morality and selfishness. Those men who constantly cheat are weak beings with low moral principles. For them, more important than the need. You need an honest man who plays by the rules.

Anyone who makes it clear that in any case he will do the right thing, even if he himself remains with nothing. But if a man has a selfish character or he never keeps his words, then move without him.

3. He does not know how to resolve conflicts.

Take a closer look at his temperament. Do not mess with him if he easily loses his temper, if he has a habit of abutting when you are trying to find a compromise. A good man will take interest in what you need, listen to your opinion and communicate with you adequately, even if he does not agree. You need such a man, not the one who always curses, screams and scatters around things.

4. Lazy

Does he quickly lose interest? In relationships, each of us becomes a little lazy. But it is important how quickly laziness comes in general. If he stops doing the elementary right away, as soon as he comes to you, then you will have to leave him before he gets together and realizes that you actually have standards.

5. One whose life is a mess

Pay attention to how he has a career. Career is often the main goal for a man. If he hadn't decided on his career yet, then, most likely, in other parts of his life there is also a mess. At the very least, a man should have a job so that she can pay bills. If he does not have this, then most likely he does not even try to work. We do not recommend staying and checking.

6. The one to whom the work is more precious than you

It has already been said above that a man needs a job, from which he receives income and satisfaction. But getting too involved and becoming a workaholic, for whom work is most important, is also wrong. The exception may be except that neurosurgeons, military and astronauts.

If a man wants to be with a woman, then he must find time for her. If he does not want or can not do this, then he is left to be alone. You deserve attention.

7. Unconfident

Take a closer look at his need for attention and approval. Everyone knows that men have their ego. But the ego of some of them is a real problem. That will start to threaten your success, and he will compete with you instead of just being happy for you. It will minimize all your progress so that you feel more important.

He constantly needs to brag: he then flirts in front of you with waitresses, he cannot be silent about what kind of hot his former were, or how many women want him. Such men are not even men, but juvenile adolescents. Avoid them.

8. Cheap man

Look at his generosity. Did he pay on first dates? A man does not need to be an oligarch or pay at all all the time, but he should be able to pay on the first date and, ideally, on the first few dates. In the end, we women usually spend more on getting ready for a date — a haircut, a manicure, a pedicure, a new dress. This is all usually more expensive than lunch for two.

Good men understand this and reward efforts. In addition, when a man likes you, he wants to pay because he wants to impress with his ability to provide for you. Therefore, if he does not pay, then he does not like you. So it is better to find someone else.