5 delicate and subtle fragrances for the most feminine ladies

The style of the woman forms not only clothes, shoes or accessories, but also fragrance. Perfumes that a woman prefers can tell more about her than herself. We offer a selection of delicate and sensual perfumes for beautiful ladies.

Yellow Diamond, Versace

A truly delicate sunny fragrance that can remind you of summer even in the most severe frost. Resistant perfume will certainly appeal to beautiful ladies, due to the unique combination of pear and bergamot with delicate floral notes - water lily, mimosa and freesia. Feminine scent gives wood shades of sandalwood and amber. The creation of the Versace brand can choose for itself any woman, regardless of her age and lifestyle. Awesome combination for romantic feminine natures, equally appreciating simplicity and luxury.

The Library Collection Opus III, Amouage

The Arab brand created a sensual fragrance by combining oriental and floral notes of spiced jasmine, clove and mimosa. The uniqueness of this perfume is that its complexity is revealed gradually, acquiring shades of nutmeg, sandalwood, sweet vanilla, thyme and ylang-ylang. Such a complex cocktail is the choice of a woman, designed to make one look crazy, while maintaining an incomprehensible mystery. The ideal choice for strong, self-confident, but at the same time refined natures. Flower shades are responsible here for romance, oriental - for sensuality. Together - this is a unique perfume that can enrich any image.

Beige, Chanel

What fashionista does not have anything from Chanel in her arsenal? This time honey-honey perfume from a famous brand is striking in its simplicity of formula. But therein lies its uniqueness. Persistent, but not aggressive, it is also enriched with hawthorn and freesia. The result was a warm, delicate, intelligent fragrance, creating the image of a fragile, feminine, but persistent and business woman. Such as the legendary Koko was.

Valentina, Valentino

The stunning eastern floral aroma is saturated with the atmosphere of the unique Italy - the birthplace of the great Valentino. Having this perfume in your cosmetic bag, you can be sure that you can always impress others. The combination of intoxicating bergamot with sensual jasmine and fresh orange color create a persistent, but at the same time not luscious bouquet. Gives sensuality and a slight impregnation of cedar wood notes. You can not worry about leaving a kilometer long trail behind you, but a subtle feminine scent will accompany you all day. An excellent choice for a sexy, feminine, but at the same time sensitive and tender romantic nature.

Trussardi Inside Delight by Trussardi

This gentle, but at the same time, invigorating fragrance, over several years of its existence, managed to acquire an impressive army of female fans. This phenomenon is understandable, because it is difficult to name another such perfume, where the tenderness of fruit and floral notes with the activity of coffee and musk would intertwine so well. Such a combination describes the woman in the best way possible - such a romantic, tender, but at the same time sensual and attractive nature.