7 brilliant accessories for washing that will make your life easier

People are divided into two types. Those who avoid washing at all costs, delaying this process to the last and those few who say that folding clean laundry gives them pleasure. But it doesn't matter which of the two types you belong to - you still have to wash, dry, fold, iron and so on. Fortunately, there are several low-cost items that significantly save time, which will make the day of washing more productive, organized and, as far as it can be called, enjoyable.

Pallets of washing liquids

Attach these trays to your favorite detergent and to the fabric softener. They will help protect against any leaks, drops or spills. Review: “You no longer need to transfer funds into small containers or overturn large ones. If you have a shelf above the washing machine and dryer, they will work as it should! ”

Sock holder

Say "Goodbye!" Not matching socks. Throw one of such a hanging organizer with a capacity of nine pairs of socks into your washing machine to make sure that not a single sock is lost. Review: “Decently saves time. My pile of socks moved from a huge basket to a zippered bag the size of a five-liter jar. ”

A side for the washing machine

Stop catching fallen socks. From falling clothes on the sides or back of the washing machine, will help install a 20-inch railing, which are magnetised on top of the surface of the washing machine. Review: "I have very little free space, and this thing helps to use all the space on the washing machine and on the dryer for folding clothes."

Hedgehogs for the dryer

You already save on plastic in the kitchen (goodbye plastic straws!), So you can continue the eco-friendly approach in the wash. These adorable, reusable dryer balls will keep the fabric fluffy and relieve it of static electricity. The balls fold between the laundry, separating it from each other and allowing the hot air to blow more efficiently. Review: "These drying balls are not only functional, but also externally delicious!"

Portable washing machine

Take this waterproof bag in your suitcase and use when you need to wash clothes. Before use, add detergent, water and selected clothing for washing. Well mash capacity with their own hands. Review: “Just completed a 100-day trip around the world! 47 countries. Mostly stayed in hostels and hostels. People asked all the time how I handle washing in a trip. Well ... that's how I did it. ”

Portable Ironing Pad

With it, almost any hard surface can be turned into an ironing board - a table, a worktop, even the washing machine itself. As a bonus: it comes with a silicone gasket under the iron, so you can put it without fear of burning clothes or getting burned. Review: “I don’t like to take out the ironing board, for the sake of one shirt or pants. Therefore, such a thing is a real discovery for me! ”

Three Level Dryer

If there is not enough free space, then you can use a hanging three-level dryer for delicate fabrics, swimsuits and underwear. Review: “Thing saved me a lot of money from the cost of dry cleaning. I can simultaneously wash 3 sweaters and immediately hang them up for drying, without taking up space. ”