Living with a man and not getting a divorce: 5 rules that every woman should follow

The further into the relationship, the more quarrels and misunderstandings. For male souls, too, you need to correctly select the "keys". Not every woman has an innate "talent" that helps to treat men correctly. The rest will have to master this science on their own, in which the 5 main rules will help.

How to live with a man so that marriage is strong and love strong? Relations between a man and a woman - a series of ups and downs, moments of happiness and unpleasant quarrels, joys and difficulties. Although the life together of each pair is different and goes its own way, it can be compared with the game: difficult, dangerous, but predictable. In order for a woman to play this game a little longer, she must know her basic rules:

Do not scold him for mistakes

If we live with a man, then without the squabbles and scandals, all the more because of the gaps, made by him. Men hate to be mistaken, and even more they hate too clever women who surpass them in intelligence. Do not show him that you noticed his mistake. Hint that "something went wrong."

He will draw conclusions to himself and will continue to try to avoid a repetition of the unpleasant situation. Show that you always believe in him and support him, be a support to her husband, who will forgive him for any mistakes and support him under any circumstances.

Do not carp on trifles

Life is made up of little things. If you focus on each, then no time is enough to deal with them. At first, the husband and the wife “pull down on the brakes” many minor flaws of each other. Trivia are dangerous in times of crisis, when it is they who can be the “last straw” in the bowl of patience of a satellite.

According to the status of a man, it is necessary to think globally, therefore his woman should not lag behind: do not point him to minor offenses. Show that you are a sensitive woman, understanding wife, who knows about his shortcomings, but closes her eyes to them.

Do not limit it

Men hate frames. Any challenge to their inner freedom will be accepted and trampled upon. The more restrictions you put on him, the more eagerly he will break them all. Even if you got a "good boy", which is comfortable to sit under the heel, and such a man will sooner or later wake up pride. Be smarter. Forcing your husband to limit himself on his own, directing him to these thoughts by listing the reasons why it is not worth going so far.

Do not be intrusive

Annoyance is one of the most terrible "sins" of one who loves. If there are too many women, the man will start looking for places where he can escape her society. Ultimately, the likelihood that the husband will meet there less annoying darling increases. A woman should respect herself and not be imposed in a coma. Respect the personal space of the man and do not fill it with you to the brim.

Watch yourself even at home

A dangerous female mistake - complete relaxation inside the house: hair curlers on the head, a greasy robe, a cucumber mask on the face and torn, but beloved tights. If you still walk at home in a similar defiant manner, then this should occur during those periods when the husband is not at home. He should not see you in all his natural glory.

First, he may be speechless, marveling at the contrast between "before" and "after." Secondly, a woman must remain a mystery. Open books with a primitive storyline quickly lead to the final and are thrown onto a dusty shelf. Threatening publications keep "in suspense" to the very end, and therefore read them with ecstasy, avidly.

In order to find a common language with a man, instructions are not needed, but in practice everything turns out to be worse than expected. Every year it is becoming more and more difficult to hold back and not to pour accumulated grievances and discontent onto your partner. Men are vulnerable in the soul. One serious beating and he will never return in his imagination that fragile image of a woman with whom you were associated at the beginning. To live in accordance with the rules is hard and boring, but without them it is impossible to build a strong family.