6 ways not to spend on a pedicure in the winter and look well-groomed

Many women in the winter time neglect the pedicure - no one sees the legs anyway. However, this should be done at least out of self-love. What ways will help preserve the beauty of nails for a long time, and save?

Refuse to cover shellac

If you do not do it yourself at home, then it is better to refuse such coverage. So you can save on correction. Ideally, it is better to refuse varnish. Well-groomed nails without coating look quite neat and beautiful. Suit and classic clear or nude nail polish.

Choose base shades

As we noted in the previous paragraph, the right shade can save on a pedicure. It's about pastel and nude shades that keep the proper appearance on the nails longer. Even if the nails have grown a bit, you can correct the length of the nails with a soft file.

Use scrub for heels

Many women take care of their nails, completely forgetting that the condition of the feet themselves is no less important. Be sure to use a scrub for feet and heels. You can also choose a long-lasting agent - it has a peeling effect, gently removing coarse skin on the heels.

Do not forget pumice

If you use a scrub, it does not mean that you can forget pumice. Although some consider it to be a relic of the past, they have not yet come up with anything more simple and effective with regard to foot care. Use pumice stone at least once or twice a week.

Take baths

Baths will help relieve tension after a long day, relax muscles and make the skin on the legs soft and tender. It is very easy to make them - just add sea salt or essential oils to warm water and hold your feet. After the bath, the feet should be treated with a moisturizer and wrapped with a soft towel.

Moisturize feet and cuticles

Both the skin of the legs, nails and cuticle, need constant nourishment and softening. Like hands, feet should be constantly treated with a moisturizer.

No less effective oils for the skin. There is no need to buy a separate means for the legs, for this you can use the same that you apply to the skin of the body.