5 reasons why a man stopped to show tenderness

You and your husband built your family, being absolutely confident in his love for you. For some time now you have noticed that a man has ceased to show tenderness towards you, as before.

In this situation, a woman has two options: get upset and “give up” or think: how to return the interest of a man. You love your husband, do not want to lose him, it means that there is only one way: to try to revive the old relationship, not to allow him to move away from you to an irreversible distance.

You have changed in appearance

One of the reasons that a husband has lost interest in you may be the changes that occur in appearance. Perhaps you began to pay little attention to your appearance, being sure that he loves you the way you are. But there are many beautiful, young women around whom a man faces daily and his comparisons will obviously not be in your favor. The wife became outwardly sexually unattractive for a partner.

Maybe you're on the contrary, so carried away by losing weight, diets that have changed beyond recognition - your husband is not ready yet to accept you like that.

Having established the cause, it will be necessary to overcome its consequences. Yes, for this you need to take care of yourself, make an effort, but the result will please you and make you feel the man's tenderness again, perhaps even more than before the crisis.

You changed your behavior

Noting that your beloved man does not pay attention to you, think: perhaps this is a consequence of the fact that you have changed your behavior. Plunging headlong into the work, problems, busting around the house, you forgot about the most important thing. You have ceased to set aside time for intimate communication with your spouse, have ceased to show interest in his affairs at work, slowly rooted out the romance of your relationship.

Employment led to the fact that the wife completely crossed out the minutes of sincere communication with her hands from her schedule. Your communication has become reduced to a few phrases before bedtime, and you want the marital relationship to flourish? No, a man needs your attention in the form that was at the beginning of their life together. Tête-à-tête, serious and not so, in his spare time, helps to keep those fragile valuable threads that connect you with him.

You changed your attitude towards him

Before you think that your husband has fallen out of love with you, not showing as much tenderness as you would like, think, you have not changed your attitude towards him. Remember how you gently and tenderly behaved at the beginning of your joint journey and how now. Previously, you could just give him a lot of attention, appealed, putting your love in your words and actions.

And now? Forgetting that your man is a gift from God, and he deserves the most reverent attitude, you admit rudeness in words, do not put enough effort to make life together not in everyday life, but in happy minutes. Order conditions in the morning, in the evening cold questioning about completed assignments, dinner with a disgruntled person, do not contribute to strengthening the marriage bond and bringing together partners. A healthy relationship requires both spouses to recognize each other’s needs and to fill them. Start with yourself.

You give someone more attention than him

The family is happy when there are no children. Maternity, incomparable to anything, joy. A woman, having become a mother, begins to give all her love and tenderness to a baby, forgetting that a man also needs it. My husband is not interested, why he was put in second place, he still wants you to be emotionally close.

It is difficult, but not easy, to bother with the baby and pay attention to your spouse, but you can try. Once more, praise, go kiss before leaving, meeting, hug and make signs of attention to a man, not so difficult. He will see that you love him and that he is dear to you. Nothing can break down emotional barriers as successfully as love and attention.

You turned into a housewife

How to attract a man whom you are afraid to lose forever? It is necessary to conduct a cold-blooded analysis and understand the reason. Without this, it is difficult to cope with the separation of the spouse.

You are a very caring wife, a wonderful hostess. You have perfect order in your house and always cooked dinner from several dishes. You bake delicious cakes, wash, clean - everything is fine, but you have become a housewife who has forgotten that she is a woman. Find time in your schedule for yourself. Let your husband see you not in a dressing gown and an apron, but dressed as if you had a first date. Accordingly, you will need to work on hair, face and manicure.

Husband must again "present yourself in all its glory" - to show that you are a beautiful, interesting woman. Men do not miss such attention. In addition, we must try more often to go "to the people" together. The attention of different men will force the husband to look at his wife differently.

Housekeeping should not be displayed on your appearance, a man should be proud of you and just admire, glad that he has such a wonderful wife!