10 features of a real woman who in a relationship is so highly appreciated by a man


There are two types of women in this world: those who always need to be in a relationship, and those who are waiting for the right man. If you are of the latter type, it means that you are a super confident woman. It also means that you do not behave like any other woman when you meet a man. You do everything in your own way.

Here are 10 things that women with high self-esteem do in order to find their love. But do not like most.

1. They still want to be alone with themselves.

They are satisfied with themselves and accept themselves as they are, and they were happy before a man appeared in their lives. They do not need a man to be fixated around the clock only on them - in fact, for them it would be a complete nightmare. They want to catch their favorite show and be with their beloved girlfriends.

For those who have never met a confident girl before, this can be a real shock. They will never whine and complain that their man wants to see his friends - of course, he wants it. They are almost the exact opposite of a man in need, a dependent girl.

2. She wants to spend time with her chosen one

People seem to have the impression that self-confident women are so independent that they never want to see their loved ones. That makes no sense. If they wanted it, they would have remained alone. They want to be with their loved ones, which means they like to be in a relationship. Even if they just cook a modest dinner and chat about how the day went, it's cool. Relationships should not consist of chic dinners or chic parties.

3. She will wait for the same respect from the man.

Seems reasonable, right? But she had so many bad relationships that this is item number one on her list. The fact that she can take care of herself does not mean that she does not expect much from a man. She still wants to be respected and treated normally. Such a woman will not behave like all those who hold on to unhealthy relationships just because they desperately want to call someone their young man.

If a woman calls a man her best friend, this means that she feels a real connection and wants to see how relationships develop, wants the elect to become part of her life.

4. She refuses to be humiliated

If a man does not appear at the party, which she organized on the occasion of her birthday or insults in front of her best friends, he will not see her again. Other people can forgive like and calmly relate to this, but, sorry, this is not about her. She will not allow her young man to embarrass her in public or even in private.

5. She does not publish joint selfies, proving that they are in a relationship

Perhaps one or two photos, but no more. She will not show her love for a man using social networks all the time. She wants to know that they have a real, strong bond, and she is not interested in constantly showing off to others. Why do we need these cute collaborative photos on Instagram, when they already know that they love each other?

6. She ignores traditional deadlines.

If their relationship is strong enough, she will be happy to move and live together, even if only six months have passed. They will marry not earlier than in a year, and, perhaps, will be so happy, being constantly in the status of partners. In principle, she does what she wants, and as long as they both make their own decisions, they will not listen to external pressure from friends, family or society.

7. She will support her man 100%

If he wants to change jobs or even his career, she will be there, cheering him on. If he wants to take any courses or treat himself to a favorite hobby, she will only be happy. A man does not need to worry that she will be nagging, because he spends time that could be devoted to relationships. This is not a competition.

8. She doesn’t care what others think

The man does not belong to her, he is not her property, he is not here just for fun or fun. If a man shows respect to her, she will show the same thing. She wants to know a man, what he is real. She is in this relationship is not for show. It means a lot to her, and she doesn’t care what other people think of their romance. If they want to judge, let them think what they want.

9. She will not force a man to become one of her girlfriends.

It is not so difficult to treat her friends well (or, at least, to pretend that this is so). But do not worry, she will not invite him to a bachelorette party or will not force him to watch the series “Real Housewives” with her. This is just weird.

10. She worries about trifles.

She wants romance as much as any other girl, but she does not want to be in a relationship in which there is too much pressure. Instead, she will be content with small joys that make them a beautiful couple. If a man brings her favorite pizza when she is busy until late in the day, or buys tickets for a singer’s concert that she likes very much, she will love him endlessly.