8 tricks smart wife to manage a husband

As the saying goes, there are no bad husbands, but there are stupid wives who cannot properly twist the ropes from their faithful. In order for a man to be silky, docile and fulfill any requests, it is necessary to gently and gently influence him, using all the female cunning and ingenuity.

1. Praise more often

Praise and flattery for men - this is a real balm. Therefore, do not skimp on her, but as often as possible remind your husband how wonderful he is. Praise for everything - for the taken out garbage, washed dishes, good sex and a light kiss. And do not be afraid to overdo it, with men it always works.

2. Never feel sorry for him.

Pity towards a man is simply not applicable, because she makes him weak, dejected and broken. You can not regret, but you can maintain, instill confidence, argue that he will cope with absolutely everything, and say that you will always help, if necessary.

3. Explain directly

Male logic is designed in such a way that they absolutely do not understand hints, equivalents and workarounds. Therefore, if you want to bring something to your spouse, talk about it right in the forehead. So the chances that he will hear you and understand will increase significantly.

4. Establish a friendly relationship with his mom

Mom for a man will always be the main and significant person, whatever one may say. Therefore, it is in your competence not to quarrel and compete with her, but to make her your ally. Recall that ally does not mean to love and be close friends. You can simply communicate benevolently and do not stoop to quarrels, intrigues and showdowns.

5. Leave a riddle

Even if you have been married for many years, never fully reveal yourself to a man. It has long been known that a woman is desirable and interesting as long as she remains for a man not fully experienced. Surround yourself with a halo, albeit small, but mysterious, and always stir up male interest.

6. Do not demand, but offer

The worst tactic in dealing with a man is to give him ultimatums and demand something. Such attacks, as a rule, do not pass and have a completely reverse reaction. A smart wife will ask her husband gently and correctly - quietly offering various options, gently admonishing her husband to fulfill her request. Let him think that he himself has come to this, but we know for certain that this is all our merit.

7. Do not compare it with other men.

Never put in the example of a husband of a friend who both earns more, loves more and looks better. For men, this is a very painful fact that beats on self-esteem. Competition among the stronger sex is very high, so do not put pressure on the sore points, hoping to achieve the desired in this way. It is better, on the contrary, to assure him that he is unique and inimitable.

8. Do not make it the center of your life.

A man is not a king. When you understand this, then your family life will become balanced and harmonious. Never make a man the meaning of his life, do not exalt and do not consider all-powerful. Always remember about yourself, protect your personal space, value your desires and dreams and love yourself.