5 hairstyles that will inspire you to cut your hair shorter this winter

The weather outside the window is sometimes frightening - to wrap up every day in several sweaters is a habit, but this does not mean that you should give up the short haircut this season. Yes, with long hair is cozier (one of the advantages is that they cover their ears on frosty days). But sometimes in the winter time, long hair gets mixed up. When under several layers of a scarf hair becomes tangled and turns into one shred of hair that is difficult to comb. No time is better to cut your hair shorter (at the shoulder, or even shorter). And cutting them off in the winter, you let them grow enough for the summer season. Check out these hairstyles and styling that you can be inspired for a short haircut.

Short asymmetrical shearing

This two-length haircut is that the front hair is longer and the back is shorter, and this gives the hairstyle a bold and textured look.
@cizgisacYou will need: spray to give volume, spray to protect the hair from thermal effects, round brush-comb, hairdryer, iron or curling iron, means for creating a resistant volume, lacquer for fixing hair.

After shampooing, apply volume to the hair. Before drying the hair with a hair dryer, apply a means to protect against thermal effects on the hair. Then dry hair, combing them with a brush. Dry at minimum temperature so as not to damage the hair. Then, with the help of the ironing, lay the hair along the face with small bends. Such waves will lift your hair. After that, apply on your hair a means to make a lasting volume. With him, the styling will look amazing. At the end fix all hairspray.

Disheveled LOB-caret (LOB (longbob) - this is an extended version of caret, approximately along the shoulders)

This haircut is good for those who can not decide on the length, because it is not too short and not too long. And her small inaccuracy allows you to walk with her in everyday life and go to the evening events. And this hairstyle looks amazing on any hair!
@erinkaulbackYou will need: the restoring heat-shielding spray for hair, mousse for giving volume, the hair dryer, the curling iron.

As always, before using the curling hair, apply a means of protection against thermal effects on the hair. When you start to blow dry your hair, apply a little mousse to add volume. Split the hair into two parts, curling curling curls. Then, tilt your head and brush your hair with your fingers to add a little tousledness.

Modern Mohawk

Want to add a little cheek to your hairstyle? Then this styling is exactly for you. An upgraded version of the classic mohawk will give your short hairstyle a trendy and unusual look.
@cizgisacYou will need: hair mousse, comb-brush, hair dryer, hair styling gel, hair fixing varnish.

Apply a little mousse to important hair, then blow-dry your hair, combing it with a brush. When your hair is almost dry, apply a little styling gel on top of your hair (Mohawk). Then form a small mohawk. Fix all hairspray.

Pixie with a straight edge (pixie - short hair "under the boy", opening the neck and ears)

Pixie styling has its own chic, especially when paired with straight, smoothed strands.
@ givemethatglow.beautyYou will need: round hair brush of boar bristle, hair straightener, thermal protection agent, dry hair varnish.

Apply an anti-thermal agent to prepare the hair for blow-drying and flattening. Dry your hair straight and brush it. Split the hair and straighten it well. Finish styling with lacquer for fixation and gloss.

Coarse bean (bob)

This hairstyle will impress all people at New Year's parties.
@ givemethatglow.beautyYou will need: hair straightener, anti-thermal agent, hair serum.

For this hairstyle, you must straighten all hair, including bangs. And then simply apply several serum capsules to the hair roots.