Women - the owner of the heaviest character on the sign of the zodiac

Not all women are as timid and gentle as men would like them to be. Good or not, many ladies are able to lead a huge company and their own husband so that many men never dreamed of. What are the signs of the zodiac women are particularly complex?

Scorpio woman

It does not matter whether the men or women of this sign are involved, but in such ratings they always lead. These people never give up and get their way, and women often use the dark side of their character. Throw a tantrum to get his? No problem. Use your long and sharp nails? No problem too. But if she needs, she will be very nice to smile in your eyes.

Sign woman lion

No matter what her man thought, and she is the main one. A queen, domineering and beautiful, she will never cede a pedestal to anyone. And if someone tries to shove her from there, she immediately grab his throat. It comes out very dramatically when the Lioness is paired with a representative of her own sign, who also does not like to give in to anyone.

Taurus woman

If a man wants to have a little tyrant in his house, then Taurus women are definitely the best choice. From the very beginning, he will not even understand what fell on his head, because she cooks very tasty, looks good and is gorgeous in bed. All the features of her character will open no sooner than after the wedding - she is also very smart.

Gemini Sign Woman

In fact, the character of Gemini is easy. At least one - and in fact there is also the second. And now he will bring the unfortunate husband of the Twins to white-hot. Mostly with his bouts of jealousy, tantrums from scratch and an obsessive desire to make eyes at other men.

Capricorn woman sign

Capricorn woman is almost like Scorpio. But if she can even burst into tears, as befits a lady, then from Capricorn you will not be exactly waiting for this. Rather, she will bring her loved one to tears with her endless nagging and wanting to make him a successful millionaire.