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10 rules of etiquette of a woman who knows her worth

In our time, etiquette, manners of decency and the rules of good tone, unfortunately, go to not be. We increasingly neglect them, do not pay attention and behave as, first of all, it is convenient for us. But it is the knowledge of etiquette and the ability to present themselves that make a woman expensive, worthwhile and self-sufficient.

1. The secret of correspondence

This rule has come to us since ancient times, when people communicated with each other through letters and notes. Now we will lie at another time, and in our age of electronic technology it is extremely difficult to deny yourself the temptation to stick your nose into someone else's phone to read messages. Never do this even in relation to the closest person - this is a direct invasion of personal space and the complete lack of tact.

2. Makeup and hairstyle

To tint the lips and comb the hair in front of others, especially at a table in a cafe or restaurant (which is very often the case) - a bad tone. If you need to clean up, go to the toilet or find a place where no one will see you.

3. Behavior at the table

Even despite the fact that we have been living in the 21st century for a long time, the rules of decency at the table have not been canceled by anyone - eat carefully, use appliances and a napkin, do not slunk, do not talk on the phone during meals and do not take food from the restaurant (yes Yes, it is very indecent).

4. Talking on the phone

It is extremely impolite to discuss your problems loudly by phone, being in a public place and transport. Also, it is worth forgetting about him at lectures, meetings, seminars and important events. And remember that putting the phone on the table while eating is extremely indecent and not hygienic, because the number of germs on it just rolls over.

5. Ladies bag

Here with this subject of women's wardrobe you need to be especially careful. In no case do not put the bag on the table and do not shake out all its contents to find the thing you need.

6. Hike on a visit

Before you come to visit someone, be sure to warn about this in advance by calling or by personal message. Unexpected, too early and too late guests no one likes, that would not say Winnie the Pooh.

7. Communication with people

In a conversation with unfamiliar people or work colleagues, try to avoid colloquial expressions, jargon and vulgar words. When you meet a person, give him a hand and be sure to call him by name. Too much gazing, discussion and gossip are considered a bad form, not a fitting lady.

8. Food at work

Very often, to have a bite at work, we bring ready-made food from home. And here everyone indulges in all grave and behaves who is ready for anything. It must be remembered that it is alone when the other colleagues do not do it - impolite. About the rules of decency during the meal, we have already spoken. And you should especially remember that you do not need to bring to work food that smells too much or leaves behind a tangible aftertaste - garlic, spices, pepper, fish, etc.

9. Clothing style

Recall for those who have forgotten that for each case, you must select the wardrobe that will be appropriate. For example, for work it will be a business style, for walks and meetings with friends more free, and high-heeled shoes and a bold neckline you can wear to parties - there is the place for them.

10. Interaction with a man

Here, too, has its own nuances of etiquette. A man should never wear a ladies' bag, is obliged to let a woman forward when entering a room, give a hand when leaving a vehicle and take outerwear and a headdress when she undresses. In other matters, nothing new. But, unfortunately, in our time there are so few real gentlemen left who follow these rules.