Entertainment program for the New Year for each sign of the zodiac



It's time to try the ski track. You can not even doubt that active Aries make their choice in favor of skiing or snowboarding. Adrenaline in the blood, new challenges and the conquest of new heights. It is unlikely that something else is able to interest Aries so much. Their inexhaustible energy can withstand only treacherous snow-covered slopes with stunning views.


Taurus loves winter for the opportunity to wrap up in a blanket and sit by the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine. What is not the best winter date? Tauruses love comfort and will gladly accept your offer to spend some time by the fireplace, sitting comfortably. Just a couple of hours is enough for romance to return to your relationship.


Believe it or not, the smell of old books can be insanely sexy. Curious, but easily losing interest, Gemini must be constantly stimulated. Hiking to the bookstore and walks among a huge number of shelves with a variety of literature provide them with a much-needed choice. In addition, do not carry away from the Christmas market some exciting romantic reading matter is simply impossible.


Cancers, in principle, do not like to leave the house, and winter, in their opinion, on the contrary, only has to not leave the expanses of his cozy home as long as possible. My favorite pajamas, delicious cookies, an interesting book and the warmth of the hearth are all that Cancers need for happiness.

a lion

Lions are born to demonstrate their unique technique of skating. Being in the center of attention is in their blood, so ice skating is their favorite winter fun. Artistic and competitive Lions will give you a performance worthy of the highest ratings. You will be smitten on the first date and fascinated by their mastery of seduction, which is simply impossible not to fall in love.


Virgin analysts will be delighted with any winter fun that requires concentration and purposefulness from them. Therefore, they always make a choice in favor of building a snow fort, after which they gladly reward themselves for their work in the game of snowballs. The winner in such a battle is predetermined immediately, because if the Virgos take on something, they always do it conscientiously.


Get your sled or cheesecake and go to conquer the nearest peaks. But then do not be surprised when you find full snow boots. Lesson is not only fun, but also incredibly pulling together. It is much more interesting to fly from a hill together and turn over at its foot, because it is much more interesting. Dare!


Such passionate sex lovers, like Scorpios, will not pass by the jacuzzi for fresh air. What could be more perfect and sexier than a similar pastime? If such experiments in your life for the first time, trust your partner and get ready to literally die from pleasure.


Real adventurers like Sagittarius do not want to spend the winter in a calm, comfortable, cozy atmosphere with a cup of hot tea anywhere on the couch. They adore the movement and strive to diversify their every day. Sagittarius - the researchers, so hiking in the mountains with tents can safely be considered their favorite winter occupation. Fresh mountain air and incredible beauty of nature - this is happiness!


Capricorns' favorite winter occupation has its roots in deep childhood. How long have you sculpted a snowman? Capricorns adore traditions and from year to year they do the same, including on New Year's holidays. For them, this is not only a favorite hobby, but also an opportunity to fully manifest their creativity.


Favorite Aquarius time in order to comfortably sit near the fireplace. Blankets, hot tea and great company. What is not a perfect evening? In addition, Aquarius can skillfully bring together others. Live conversations, new acquaintances and fireworks - you will remember this evening for a long time.


Fishes are incorrigible, so even in winter they rush to fish. The icy rivers are not terrible for them, and the desire to try the catch just cooked on a fire is too large. Or they may invite you to retire to a more secluded place and ferry dinner with a bottle of wine.