How to understand a man: a few important points

Understanding a man is not easy - if only because they think quite differently from us. But if you take into account a few important points, you can get very close to this.

What is a woman who understands men

To get started is to understand what is an understanding woman in the opinion of men.

  1. Objective: she will not blame the man for what he is definitely not guilty of.
  2. Friendly: if he came home from work angry and tired, reproaches that he was delayed and earned little would not fall on him.
  3. Gentle: rudeness and aggression do not like anyone. Men love affection and tenderness.
  4. Non-conforming: she will not scold him for every glance in the direction of another woman.

Why I do not understand men

It's all about your desire. If a person is really dear to you, you will try to enter his position so that he will feel good and comfortable next to you. Try to take into account not only your own interests, but also his.

Surely your man works a lot for the benefit of your family, treat this with understanding, and do not blame him for returning home too late, because he does it for you.

Every time you think about yourself, remind that this person is not a stranger to you. You yourself chose him as your companion of life, and you should try to make him feel good next to you.

Psychology: how to understand a man

The easiest and most effective way to understand a man and what he feels is to put himself in his place. And how to do it:

  • Consider if you would like excessive jealousy: hardly. If your man spoke to you about every man in your circle, you would quickly get bored with it.
  • Would you like to be complained to you if you didn’t bring order in time: so do some men, and this is akin to what you say to him when he comes home tired.
  • Do you want to be taken care of: your man wants it too. If you love him, think about what he needs and try to give it to him.