8 people you must get rid of without regret

Do you know any toxic person? Even if no one comes to your mind, you should know that we are doomed in life to encounter people who fit this description. Dealing with such a person is difficult and exhausting. We’ll tell you about some of the toxic traits that will help you smooth things out with them.

They manipulate

Their method of work is to make a person do what they need. They use other people to achieve their goals. They are far from the concept of equality in relationships, with them you can forget about what you want.

They condemn

They always criticize everything - you, what you did, what you did not do. Criticism will never touch them, they will lie if need be.

They are not responsible for their feelings.

Moreover, their feelings are projected onto you. If you try to tell them that, they are likely to fiercely defend their point of view and refuse to be responsible for almost everything they do.

They do not apologize

They don’t even see a reason to apologize, because there’s always someone else’s fault. In many cases, although they try to organize relationships to achieve their own goals, they try to win sympathy and attention, including the “victim” mode.

They are innocent

It’s hard to understand who you are with at some point in time, because they are often not the same person. They can change their plans, attitudes and behavior depending on what they want to receive. And they know how to be kind when they want something from you.

They make you show yourself in front of them.

Toxic people make you choose between them and someone else, or between what you want and what they want. Often this turns into a divide-and-conquer dynamic, in which the only choice is they, even to the extent that you sometimes have to give up other meaningful relationships to satisfy them.

They make you protect yourself

It is difficult for them to linger on solving some issues, probably because they are not interested in your point of view and are not trying to reach a friendly conclusion. Remember, they are excellent manipulators: they can be vague and unreasonable, and also divert attention from the discussion on how with what tone and what words you are discussing the problem. They focus on problems, not their solutions.

They do not care, do not support and are not interested in what is important to you.

In fact, the good things that happen to you distract your attention from them and prevent them from focusing on their own goals. Beware of people who find fault with you and make you wrong. Loyalty is alien to them.

Toxic people often force them to adapt to their problems. They want you to be sorry for them and were responsible for what happens to them. Their problems will never be solved; as soon as you help them with one, they will hang all the others on you. What they really want is your constant sympathy and support for them, they will play one drama after another to get it from you. You can never “save” or “fix” them.

Toxic people literally suck the energy out of you, leaving you devastated, sometimes even evil. As soon as you realize that a person fills you with negative, you will want to limit contact with him, or break ties at all. Your time and your energy are important to your personal life. Do not give everything to them.

When you start to treat yourself badly, being in any relationship with a toxic person, this is a sign that you need to sit down and seriously consider the situation. It is unlikely that this person will change, but you can. Weigh the pros (if any) and cons, decide to stop communicating with him and do not look back.