4 reasons not to change, even if you really want

Have you ever seriously thought about changing? Often the thought of treason pushes us flirting and attention from others, or that we feel forgotten, because our partner does not pay us enough attention and does not show enough love.

Even if we love our soul mate and do not want to offend her, the temptation of treason is sometimes too great. Especially when we see that everything is changing, and for some it even gets away with it.

But could you live in harmony with yourself after the betrayal?

According to the stories of one man, he changed his lover with her friend, and did not particularly regret about it until she took revenge on him, sleeping with half of his friends.

Yes, the consequences of treason can be very different. So, before turning left, remember these four reasons why you will regret treason (even if you are sure that you really want to change).

Treason will change your life forever.

Life can change for the better as well as for the worse. In any case, if you do not want to change anything in life - do not change. If you want to, then do it in such a way so as not to hurt your half, and not through treason.

You probably won't get away with it

Of course, you know how to keep secrets, restrain your feelings and keep quiet. Of course, there is a chance that no one will know about your treason. But there is an inverse probability.

One woman led a double life for 30 years. She did everything so that no one would know about it, and that her marriage would not collapse. What happens ultimately is still unknown. But, most likely, she will not get away with it - the reason is in the next paragraph.

Sex noticeably changes us

Sex affects us in the most powerful way. After sex, you can get dressed, put yourself in order and try to look normal. But you feel different inside. You may feel inspired or delighted, you may feel guilt, shame or regret - or all these emotions at once. One way or another, the way you feel from the inside is reflected on the outside. What then will you do?

Usually, when cheating is detected, it causes more pain and harm than was worth it.

Sometimes this damage is irreparable. The feeling of pain is like a heartbeat, and it destroys trust. This is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can face.

Therefore, you have to think thousands of times whether betrayal of the drama and pain that you inflict on yourself and your soulmate is worth it. Think about whether you will regret that betrayed a loved one.

If you are unhappy or are not satisfied with the current relationship, there are many options to correct the situation - and cheating is not included.