6 signs of the zodiac that hate conflicts the most

Lack of communication is the most formidable weapon that destroys friendly, romantic and any other relationships. Assumptions and hasty decisions are always the main consequences of a misunderstanding caused by a lack of communication.


Curious and educated Gemini rarely boast of their talents to others. Because of their inability to move forward and make decisions, Gemini is uncomfortable trying to express their emotions and prefer to disengage from the situation, not trying to make contact.


Crayfish, driven by good intentions and often misguided, often behave meanly, restrain themselves in expressions and feel depressed and frustrated. They consider communication in such a situation rather as a problem rather than a solution, therefore, they often swear, not trying to solve the issue peacefully. Crayfish are too impulsive, so discussing the problem with them will not bring any results.


As a result, Pisces rejects any attempt to communicate and focus all attention on the pain they experience, reveling in their insignificance. Of course, Pisces make contact, but only in the case when all the conversations are focused only on them alone.


Virgos perceive everything too close to the heart and each time they express their emotions, becoming incredibly impulsive. In the process of communication, they are so focused on their thoughts that at the crucial moment they are completely unable to put into words what they have in mind to say.


Aquarius perfectly manages to express their thoughts on paper, but when it comes to talking about a specific topic with a living person, they become locked in themselves. From time to time they will maintain a dialogue with you, but this does not mean at all that you can get the necessary answers to questions from them. Communication sometimes gives them real horror.


Libra is not familiar with the art of communication, because every time they behave insincerely and do not allow anyone to believe them. Composure and balance play a decisive role for them, but in the process of communication they tend to be guided only by insults that never bring them anything good.