Men want women to indicate male significance.

Many women are not happy that their men do nothing in relationships and, moreover, they do not understand why this is happening. In fact, everything is easier than ever, purely in psychology. Not only women want to feel needed and desired, for the male sex it is even more significant in relationships.

By this I mean that men have always been the breadwinners and set themselves the goals of protecting their family, making their wife happier, winning respect. But in modern society, everything has changed and is unlikely to return. Lonely working mothers who do everything themselves, women executives who run huge corporations, influential women political figures. Men really do not feel as “fit” as they once were. Why? Because women have learned to cope with all life difficulties themselves.

Mankind has spent dozens of years to achieve equality in society, so that women are not infringed upon or limited in anything. It is wonderful that women now have such opportunities, but now men are in a very vulnerable position. They were always predators, hunters, they could be relied on, they were a support, and now women have demonstrated that they can easily replace them.

Men have ego. And when the ego is touched, the men begin to fall into an apathetic state and no longer feel their need. Thus, the less a person feels that his efforts are necessary, the less he will do something. Psychologists believe that the main job of men in relationships is to give their women everything they need. To support her in undertakings, to encourage for success, even to provide financial support, if the relationship is serious. A woman should give a man the opportunity to express themselves as a leader and head of the family.

Have you ever seen a man reluctantly helping his beloved woman? He will help you park your car, take you to the airport, collect a new wardrobe, deal with the bills. He is enthusiastic because he has a goal. A man helps a woman and feels his worth. Thus, it helps him to realize his inner desire to protect and support, even if you do not really need him to do it.

Believe it or not, men are willing to make great efforts and do something for you, but they often need the green light or the ability to do it. Many men want to be asked for help, and it is also desirable to spice them up with a couple of phrases: “I can't cope without you” or “Only you can help me”. Yes, you don’t always want to ask for something, but if you know that your man will perk up because of this, then why not.

Men are well aware that in fact, this fragile creation will not only cope on its own, but also exceed the task, but they want women to point out the male significance. And one of the best ways to allow a person in your relationship to feel comfortable is to give him the opportunity to show this significance.