4 causes of conflict in the family, which are inherent in even the happiest

All couples have quarrels, even those who live in perfect harmony. However, the constant, ongoing conflicts suggest that in your relationship is still not all right. Why is this happening, and what are the most common causes of conflict in the family?

Causes of family conflict

It is easy to assume that conflicts in the family appear, if something goes not according to plan. And it may also consist in the fact that someone from the couple has problems, which he shifts to his partner. Why do husbands and wives quarrel most often?

  • Financial situation: no matter how trite it is, but it’s because of money that the most quarrels happen. The solution to this problem will be an independent budget or precise arrangements.
  • Problems with one of the partners: My husband has problems at work, and his wife blames him for the fact that he is delayed after work? The conflict in this case will certainly be inevitable.
  • Cooling of the senses: it does not matter for one of the partners, or both. But when people no longer feel close to each other, but are forced to constantly make contact, this leads to the fact that they quarrel from scratch.

Is the reason a bad husband?

Very often in the women's forums you can find whole branches with such messages. Husband is bad, husband is a loser, inattentive to his wife, earns little and in general is a nonentity from head to toe.

Only if in some cases this really corresponds to the truth (all people have shortcomings, and there is no way out of this), then sometimes these are all manifestations of a lack of desire to show attention to a loved one.

Try to put yourself in his place - is it easy for him? He certainly makes a lot of efforts to make your family life better. And if he fails at something, is he really to blame? But even if it is to blame, isn't it easier to help him, instead of endlessly sorting out the relationship?

And when is the wife to blame?

But it happens quite the opposite. Sometimes the real reason that a husband and wife are arguing is that the wife takes all the blame for what, in principle, she should not be solely responsible for.

The husband accuses his wife of not being able to cope with her duties, or that she does not understand him, although in fact she does not do anything that would cause an understanding. In other words, it does not work, does not put any effort, but does not want to be responsible for it.

How to avoid conflicts in the family?

For people who want to maintain peace and tranquility in the family, it is not so difficult. All you need is to try these methods:

  • Understand each other: often put yourself in your spouse's place, and he will surely answer you the same.
  • Discuss the problems: calm tone and in advance - before they become critical. Thus you save yourself from many difficulties.
  • Do not hold for unpromising relationships: if relationships do not really give you pleasure, it is much easier to finish them than constantly spoiling your nerves by swearing over trifles.