5 tricks that make budget clothes look expensive

Luxury clothing is expensive, and everyone wants to look beautiful. But not only things from famous brands can look good - with the help of various tricks you can make even ordinary things from the mass market special.

Replace buttons

Fittings is of paramount importance. It can make the thing not only unique (and in the mass market all the buttons are the same and faceless), but also visually more expensive. For example, catchy gold buttons cheap jacket, and dark and original will make it more interesting. Look for especially curious accessories - such buttons are expensive, but cheaper than branded clothing.

Sew on the figure

The thing looks interesting because it sits on you, and not because of the price tag. Only here it is very difficult to find an ideally sitting thing in the mass market (and in the boutique it is also not easy). But you can find a thing from high-quality fabric and just alter it for yourself, getting a product that looks really expensive.

Examine the stitches

They must be flawless. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully check them before buying, and then put in order, for example, trim the excess. If a dress or jacket hangs on the thread, it will spoil the image, and others will have the impression that you bought the item on the market.

Iron out

Feeding is more important, something, how much this thing costs. Before putting on something, be sure to bring the product in order. If you carefully iron it, it will look almost the same as on a mannequin, and you will be neat and well-groomed. No one will think about where you bought this dress, and how much it costs.

Turn up

Take a cue from fashion bloggers. Turn up your sleeves or pants - these techniques make clothes more interesting, and the image is more stylish and direct. Since all the beauty lies precisely in ease (remember, for example, a Frenchwoman) along with accuracy, it’s definitely not worth striving for pedantry in style.