8 phrases that give you a capital resident

We are accustomed to judge the inhabitants of the capital by their appearance and behavior. There are even whole lists and ratings of the so-called "quirks" of Muscovites. But sometimes everything turns out to be much simpler, there are certain “code” phrases that only residents of the capital can know. Well, those who read our article.

1. “We will meet in the center of the hall (stations, platforms)”

As a rule, in other cities make appointments near the entrance. But Muscovites always say "in the center." Moreover, the expression itself does not mean at all that you have to go somewhere “to the center”, just the inhabitants of the very heart of our country have everything “centered”.

2. "When Luzhkov was mayor, life was better."

This is, perhaps, one of the most beloved themes of Muscovites, to compare everything that is happening now with Luzhkov's times. And, of course, the comparison always goes in favor of Yuri Mikhailovich. As the saying goes, before and the sun was brighter, and the candy tastier.

3. “There is no life outside the Moscow Ring Road”

One of the favorite jokes of Muscovites, that beyond the Moscow Ring Road begins wilderness, despondency and just a desert. And the whole movement, development and focus of life takes place in the very center of Moscow.

4. “It’s impossible to earn money honestly”

Yes, all native Muscovites are partly blasphemous and mercantile. This is neither good nor bad, just this is the capital life, where everyone fights for a place under the sun, and in order to really achieve something and earn something significant, very often you have to use black schemes and go over your heads.

5. "Our traffic jams to all traffic jams traffic jams"

When Muscovites hear about traffic jams in any other city, they laugh hysterically and declare that these people simply have not yet seen Moscow jams, which will give odds to any crowd of cars. And I must say, the residents of the capital are absolutely right.

6. "I will go to Red Square in the next 10 years"

Muscovites do not like cereal sightseeing places, which cause wild delight among tourists, and try to avoid them. In general, any self-respecting resident of the capital usually made a promenade on the sights of Moscow once during his studies at school. And this is enough for them for life.

7. “I will not take a taxi for more than 200 rubles”

Muscovites are old-timers and connoisseurs of all aspects and golden-headed reefs and, therefore, will never agree to travel in a taxi for 2000-3000 rubles, which is usually offered to all visitors. Red taxi price - from 200 to 400 rubles. And further bargaining is inappropriate.

8. “I can’t give a hint about a good hotel”

And this is true, because Muscovites simply do not need hotel services and, accordingly, are not interested in this. But, as a rule, those who are going to pay a visit to the capital think that it is its indigenous people who must know everything about each hotel thoroughly. In this case, it is better to turn to the Internet or to avid travelers.