18 things in you that people don’t care about but make you worry


Perhaps, in your very young years, you often had to worry about how your closest friends or even unfamiliar people perceive you. But with age, a woman gains confidence, and most of those doubts dissolve.

However, even adult and successful women have absolutely vain fears. Thinking about how they are assessed by others in certain situations, ladies harass themselves. Here are the little things that others really don't care about. Be sure of this, stop worrying and exhale calmly.

1. People discuss only you.

The fact that when you cross the street, someone sitting in this moment in the car passing you somehow thinks about your clothes, your face or what your walk is.

2. Worry about what other people think about your avatar on social networks.

3. Thoughts that you allegedly brake the whole sidewalk.

When walking back to check the phone.

4. Shame for spoiling food when they were cooking dinner in the evening.

Allegedly, this means that you are not yet ready to become an adult.

5. Worry about what people think.

And what conclusions will they draw when you change places in public transport? Suddenly they will think that you are a snob or some kind of abnormal.

6. Thoughts that people might think about you after one unsuccessful joke.

And may she be told by you a hundred years ago.

7. Repeated casual look in the eyes of a stranger.

Allegedly, he thinks that you are not all right. Or decide that you are luring him into your network.

8. The fact that the shirt in which you are going, although it looks good, is somehow not exactly sitting.

9. How many times have you coughed during a conversation.

10. On the manicure appeared fine chip.

And that's all, now you are not so cool.

11. You have been looking at someone's dog for too long.

Suddenly the owners will think that you are going to steal it right now?

12. You were twice in the same dress with the same people.

Suddenly they will think that you are not changing at all.

13. You were seen several times with the same man.

Suddenly they will think that this is not a coincidence, and now they will definitely hate.

14. Random phrase "And you."

The waiter when he said: "Bon appetit."

15. How you will be treated if you like sports or do not like.

Do you have a favorite team or not. This is your own business.

16. Reasoning whether you were a teacher at the institute or not.

Whether you were cool or not. No one cares about your institute past.

17. A small pimple on the neck, which only you can see in the mirror, seems to be just huge.

Most likely, it is just your mind that jokes at you like that, although maybe you yourself are not able to decide what is noticeable and what is not.

18. Suddenly your inner concern will somehow manifest.

And suddenly it will become noticeable to everyone around.