15 phrases that, at least once, men want to hear from a woman they love

It is sometimes easier for a man to please than it seems. To impress him, do not need much.

Most often, men melt right in your hands if you just tell them the right things. Unfortunately, women in fact very rarely use these "magic" phrases.

If you want to please your man, tell him these few things.

"Dear, this time I cry at the table"

Most of the time, men are responsible for everything when it comes to dating. This includes planning, bill payment, and transportation costs. If you really want to express gratitude to your man, offer to pay the bill in full the next time you go to a restaurant. He will definitely appreciate it.

“How strong you are!”

Every man, whether he shows it or not, has certain “macho” traits. He wants to impress his lady - and shows her his strength. If you tell your man that you consider him strong, he will definitely melt.

"You are a very hot guy, you know?"

One of the reasons why most guys are jealous of girls is that girls get compliments more often than they do. Agree, men rarely receive compliments. Especially regarding their appearance. So take advantage of the trump card - and often compliment your man on how sexy he is. This will make him literally glow with happiness.

“I admire you as a person”

This is one of those compliments that works deeply on several levels at once. Most men just dream to hear this phrase at least once.

"I love you"

This is what everyone wants to hear at least once - if only because this phrase makes you feel needed and desired.

"Let's have sex"

An angry and sad person is one who has never heard this phrase from his beloved person. Men want to hear it again and again.

"You are different from those whom I met"

Many men feel guilty when you criticize men in general. And this phrase will allow him to understand that you appreciate him and see in him the best version of a man.

"You are such a wonderful head of the family"

You will not believe how most men are proud to be the breadwinners and the head of their family. This phrase on your part confirms the masculinity of your spouse and shows him that you appreciate everything he does for the family.

"I feel safe next to you"

Believe me - most men shine with joy when they hear this phrase. Given that most men’s biggest fear is being called worthless, hearing from a woman that she feels safe next to her is a huge relief for a man.

“Let's try your wildest sexual fantasies?”

The vast majority of men hide their crazy sexual fantasies from their beloved woman, because they are afraid to look rude or strange in her eyes. If you want your man to feel at ease and open up to you, invite him to have “crazy” sex. Any sexual attention that a man receives in one way or another has a positive effect on him and on the relationship.

"I respect you"

Most men do not feel equal to women. And this old-fashioned compliment will make a man melt, showing him that you consider him a worthy man.

“Your friends are so cool!”

Perhaps nothing makes a man think that his woman is “that one”, somehow, that she gets along with his friends. A man tends to be with the woman who makes his close friends.

"I'm sorry"

If you did something wrong, you should apologize. Unfortunately, for both men and women, the word “excuse” is sometimes not the case — and in fact it can solve many problems.

"Man, you had a bad day."

Men, as a rule, feel shame much more acutely than women. And when they do something wrong or something fails, for example, in the bedroom - shame eats them from the inside. At such times, it is important to encourage and support them by saying this simple phrase.

“It was awesome!”

This compliment is a great way to end a date, thank a man for a passionate night, or, for example, praise him for the dinner he prepared for you. It is very important for men to be praised, so praise them every time they do nice and right things.