It is easy to offend a man: 5 things that touch him alive

What could be worse than a hurt man? It will definitely affect both your state of mind and yours. To prevent this from happening, you just shouldn’t do those things that might hurt him. What are your actions can seriously offend a man?

“I cheated on my husband”

“After I cheated on my husband with a friend, I felt ashamed, and I told him about it. After that, our relationship ended "

There is not just an insult, but the real betrayal. There is hardly at least one man in this world who will calmly react to treason on the part of his beloved woman. And even if he is not ready to break off relations with you, it will be a serious blow for him.

“I said my husband is a loser”

“I was not happy that my husband earns too little and I have to earn extra money. At first he frowned, and then declared that it would be better for me to find someone more successful. ”

He could hardly be a loser - after all, for some reason you married him? Every person in life has difficulties and a crisis. And the best and right thing his wife can do is to support and help him in difficult times - but certainly not to insult him or degrade his dignity.

"I got into my husband's phone"

“It seemed to me that my husband was hiding something, and I checked his phone. When he found out about this, he threw a huge scandal "

This is definitely a bad idea. First, you can stumble upon something that is not really something out of the ordinary, and make up for yourself too much. Secondly, if your man finds out about this, he will feel under tight control, and he certainly will not like it. Moreover, he will be absolutely right in this. You and yourself would hardly like it.

"I was jealous of my husband"

“My husband has always been a sociable person, he had many friends among women. I did not like it, and I threw him into hysteria. It ended with him leaving me. ”

By this you are tormenting not only him, but also yourself. You torment yourself, torment yourself with unnecessary thoughts, and spend your own nerves on it. But at the same time and spoil the nervous system to him, forcing him to think about what you do not trust him. So just a short time to bring to the fact that a man seriously think about what it is better for him to have an affair on the side, or just get away from you.

"I did not want a husband"

“Lack of sexual desire destroyed our marriage. When I said that I didn’t want him, he was upset, and soon the relationship deteriorated completely. ”

This is a very subtle point. On the one hand, of course, it’s not worthwhile to keep silent about the fact that you do not have sexual desire towards your man. However, to tell him right in the forehead that you do not want him, and even to declare that it is him who is to blame for this, the idea is also bad. Try to approach this issue as delicately as possible by asking the man to do something specific in the bed for you.