Things that it is time to remove from the closet after 35: advice from men

Many girls whose age crosses the 35-year mark are beginning to worry that now they will have to part with their favorite ripped jeans in order not to look careless in them, or start to avoid certain prints so as not to throw themselves a couple of extra years. And this makes sense! Of course, you can dress as you like. But if you do not strive to cause dissonance in the eyes of others, and want to admire the stronger sex, it is important to determine for yourself a certain balance in style. Clothing must be in harmony with your age and not turn into a teenager or an early aged person.

Introducing the anti-rating of things in the wardrobe of a 35-year-old woman who doesn’t like
men If something from the list is in your closet, then it's time to get rid of it.

Mini length

Disputes about her presence in the image of a woman who has overstepped a 40-year-old
milestone, were, is and will be. Someone believes that beautiful legs and in these years "a sin to hide." Others are convinced that a skirt slightly above or below the knee will make the image more attractive. Frankness in the guise of a woman would not like a man.

Funny socks and colored tights

Funny socks and tight tights of bright colors are best removed from the wardrobe of a 35-year-old woman. These clothes look spectacular on young girls, but on older people (even with the perfect combination with accessories) look ridiculous. Men altogether believe that tights with a pattern visually distort women's legs, and socks, especially from shiny materials, create an unwelcome reckless effect. Do you want to look like this?

Deep cuts

The cutout of the “correct length” on the blouse or dress will certainly accentuate the beauty. But frank neckline or a high slit on the skirt will only put an end to the whole image of a woman of absolutely any age. Men are equally disliked as the looks attached to the bust of his female companion, and not the ability of the no longer young lady to correctly emphasize her forms. The only exception to this rule may be
evening dresses, but in this case moderation plays a big role.

Clothing with teen prints

Multi-colored pineapples, leopard, "mimic" kittens, ambiguous and defiant phrases - such prints definitely have no place in the wardrobe of respectable girls. The role of the schoolgirl or freshman is better to leave the young girls, so as not to cause their appearance smile. For each age category, you can choose your own print, which will decorate the image and inspire others to compliments.

Romantic dresses and tops

Airy dresses in a romantic style with delicate prints and plenty of ruches are suitable for young beauties. But a mature image of such outfits will not make younger, and will introduce into it obvious disharmony. The result will be the effect of a young lady who does not like men. Short and tight top, opening the shoulders or belly, too, should be forgotten forever for women after 35. Even on an ideal figure at this age, he will look defiant, and men from this is not at all delighted.