5 types of men most women want

Most men consider women completely different from themselves, and therefore it is almost impossible for them to understand them.

It is this great distinction in understanding that prevents many men from creating relationships that they really want to create with their beloved woman (and women actually want the same).

So, what kind of man most women want to see next to him.

A man she can be proud of and will respect

It is important for a woman that a man feel comfortable and confident in his body and in any situation. She is going to introduce him to her family and friends, and the man is definitely interested in everything to go well. (Note: self-assured and impudent are two different things).

Men, you must have ambitions. Not necessarily the desire to control the world, but the desire to do something important, because it demonstrates commitment, discipline, a strong work ethic and the ability to dream.

A woman will always be proud of a well-groomed man. This does not mean that you men should look like you’ve just left GQ, but it should show that you take care of your hygiene, wear clean clothes and take care of your health. (I wish that for all men all this was taken for granted).

A strong person who is also compassionate and kind is always a matter of respect. Strength is not necessarily measured by muscles, it is also measured by character, intelligence and integrity.

Finally, a woman will respect a man whom his family and friends love and respect. If his friends and family do not admire him, why should she?

A man who respects her

A man can show respect to a woman, even simply saying “thank you” or immediately apologizing if he was wrong.

A man can show his respect and his honesty (but not rude honesty - kindness and compassion, sometimes, must stand higher), as well as his devotion and treating a woman as equal.

Finally, a woman will realize that she is respected when a man allows her to be herself - even when everything is not beautiful or pleasant - without trying to correct her (of course, if she does not ask for it herself). Sometimes this means giving a woman time and space so that she can be alone with herself and look after herself, and sometimes forgive her for wrongdoing.

The man to whom she is attached

For most women, this relationship is emotional and must be clearly articulated. Therefore, it is important that a man be emotionally accessible and open, sharing his fears and concerns with her. (Men, do not worry, you will still be Superman for your woman, even if you have problems).

During communication a man should be fully included in the process. And that means not to be distracted by the phone and listen carefully.

Another way to connect with a woman is to grow with her, working on common goals and dreams. A woman likes it when a man supports her, challenges her and motivates her to achieve what she wants from her life.

Finally, in order to get closer to a man, it is important for a woman to feel consistency and security in relationships and to know that she is like a man behind a stone wall and that she has common values ​​with him.

The man with whom she will fall in love again and again

To do this, a man needs to maintain romance in a relationship. Make it your goal to make her smile and feel loved at least once a day.

He should stir up her sensuality and sexuality. Letting her know that she is the perfect woman. To praise her beauty is what is visible from the outside, and what is inside.

Be interesting and attractive. A man should make a woman be interested in him, about what he thinks and what he does. And also avoid the routine and keep the relationship new and exciting every time.

A man who is a real man, not a man-child

This, of course, goes without saying, but almost every woman wants to be a woman for a man, not a mother. Therefore, a man should definitely take full responsibility for his emotions, without blaming the woman. And also take the initiative and do what is needed, without waiting for praise.

In fact, this entire list, which we have compiled, is also fair as to what most men want to see in their beloved woman.

Just remember that we are all people, and we want the same thing: to find someone who we are proud of, someone who respects us, someone with whom we feel connected, whom we can fall in love again and again, and one who is old enough (but still knows how to have fun).