6 of the most boring signs of the zodiac, which are real intellectuals

The most interesting thing about botanists is that the people around them treat them completely differently. Someone adores these unusual people, someone, on the contrary, hates. Regardless of your interests, occupation and appearance, if you are turned away in something in a good way, people around you will consider you nerds and bore.

Botanists, as a rule, are smart, modest, detached and perfectly oriented in the subject of interest. The only question is what specific tediousness is peculiar to you. Some zodiac signs stand out from this perspective more than others.


Of course, Aries will be in this ranking. Who else loves so much to fool around, joke and at the same time learn new things and share their knowledge with others. If Aries-botanists fall into the opportunity to join any community where they will be valued primarily for their inquiring mind, they will definitely take advantage of it.


Twins, as a rule, are always nerds. Observant, erudite and possessing a huge store of knowledge. Always busy with something incomprehensible to the uninitiated and their minds. However, if you suddenly show interest in their activities, you can never get rid of them.


Crayfish are considered to be nerds who like to bake cookies in the shape of the head of Darth Vader and are eager to gather guests for extravagant theme parties in their house.


Libra is a born botanist and loves to dress as they want. They are the lawmakers of their own fashion, considered to be the most unusual of those around who have ever existed.


Since Sagittarius quite often completely immersed in themselves, it is quite clear why they are also considered nerds. If it were not for their obsessive behavior with regard to what is most interesting to them, they would be no different from the majority of those around them.


Capricorn and nerd in one person - quite a strong mixture. They usually get too tired of all their goals, plans and tasks, trying to be alone with themselves and enjoy watching the next series. Thanks to their ideal memory, they will be able to quote you lines from virtually any artistic work from any moment.