Secrets of well-groomed women: 4 procedures, without which they do not go to bed

Good sleep is important, but what you do before you go to bed is important for the condition of your skin. We have prepared for you 5 quick tips that will make your skin smoother and more radiant before your alarm goes off.

Double cleansing

Have you ever removed makeup before bedtime, but in this mysterious way woke up with spots from the mascara under the eyes? It turns out that this is normal, especially if you use persistent cosmetics that truly meet the stated requirements. Do you know why? Basics for 12–24 hours, mascara, eye liner and eye shadow are made from polymers that are not easily dissolved with soap and water or with a water-based makeup remover.
@ civantTo really remove all traces of your make-up, take a note of Korean skin care and wash your face twice using the “double cleansing” method. First, use an oil-based cleanser to wash off makeup (oil breaks down waxes and polymers more efficiently than soap and water). Then wipe the face with a gentle tonic to clean the skin of residues.

Steam exposure

You probably don't have time for regular facial care every four to six weeks, but here's how you can look good. To get rid of black spots at home, try this proven method once a week: go to a hot bath for a few minutes before you wash your face. Do not expose your skin to direct contact with water, otherwise you may scald it. Just bring your face to the steam and hold it over it for a while so that your pores open.
@ saintirisadriaticaYou can also do a mini facial by soaking a hand towel with water and putting it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Then gently pat the face with a towel. It will also open your pores, helping to deeply cleanse your face of oil, dirt, sweat and bacteria.

Dead skin, go away

If your skin looks dull, most likely the cause is in dead cells. The skin cells are naturally renewed every 28 days, but sometimes they can stick together, accumulating on the skin and causing an uneven texture. To preserve the movement of these dead cells, use an alpha hydroxy acid-based cleanser at least twice a week. This will provide you with radiant, smooth skin, as the acids in the cleansers penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin than the scrubs, which break the bonds between dead cells and weaken them. (If you do a double facial cleansing, make it the second step.)
@ j.k.labHow easy to get rid of acne? Use a cleanser with salicylic acid, which also fights acne by removing excess oil.

Towards Moisturizing

Hydrators thicken the skin, softening the appearance of fine lines and creating a smoother look. In addition, they soothe your skin after peeling. At bedtime, apply a moisturizing night mask. This light gel - the first ingredient - water, so it is not heavy and not greasy - contains hydrating glycerin, an ingredient that helps your skin stay in water and even draws moisture out of the air, increasing it further.
@ j.k.labAdvice from a professional: keep the product in the refrigerator between uses. If your moisturizing mask is cold, it will reduce redness on the skin, constricting blood vessels, and also help to narrow your pores. A win-win.

Sleep on your back

If you fall asleep on your stomach or on your side, pillows and sheets can leave not very pleasant dents on your cheeks when you wake up in the morning. Also, studies show that over time, pressure on the face can lead to wrinkles. (For example, if you always sleep on the right side, new wrinkles may appear on the right side of the face.) Sleeping on your back not only protects your face from thin lines, but also props up your head, leaving it in an elevated position so that the liquid cannot pile up under the eyes and create unsightly bags.

For extra help in preventing puffiness under the eyes, apply caffeine eye cream.