When the universe wants to protect you from something, it sends you signs

Sometimes the Universe sends us clear and obvious signs with which it wants to warn about something. But, often, we simply do not notice them or do not want to do this. Stop for a while, take a break from the furious race, take a deep breath and look around - perhaps now you are missing the most important thing.

Traumatic events and trials

Usually in such cases we see everything only in a negative way. We perceive failures, mistakes and scrape as a black stripe that leads us astray and forces us to give up. In fact, the Universe is trying to show that with negative events that you need to change yourself, your attitude to life, become stronger, wiser and, most importantly, draw from this valuable experience that will help you in the future. After each experienced test, you will never become the same person, you will be updated and savvy.

Intuition that something bad will happen

You need to listen to your sixth sense and never to ignore it in order to be vigilant and be prepared and fully armed. Very often, our gut tells us that something is not very good ahead, but we firmly convince ourselves of the opposite. And, as a rule, it happens that intuition turns out to be right.

"Strayed" animals

Dogs unexpectedly tied up on the street, kittens came from nowhere and wounded birds that fell right at your feet - all this is not just. These are also unique messengers of fate, and such signs must be treated very carefully in order to decipher what they want to convey to you.


Dreams that you see, too, should not be ignored, because they contain many signs and important characters. Dreams themselves are essentially information from our subconscious, which is so deep that it can only be pulled out in dreams. These are our fears, phobias, secret desires, anxieties and fears. There is a category of prophetic dreams that warn us that life can change. You should not look at their meaning in the dream books, just try to interpret them yourself, based on your feelings and life events.


Health problems also do not appear from nowhere. All these are warnings and obvious consequences of your being too frivolous. All diseases are the result of our mental state, so, first of all, try to find harmony with the outside world and inner peace.

Signed encounters

These are meetings with so-called people from the past life. Feelings during such acquaintances as if you have known this person for a very long time, you have been tied up a lot, and he is your family and friends. It is easy for you to communicate, you have a lot of common topics, and there are absolutely no obstacles and awkward moments. For such people it is necessary to hold on and in no case let go of their lives, because they are sent to you from above.