7 women who never throw men

Clever, beautiful, understanding, great hostess, but the man still left. How often it happens, and we always ask the same question: “Well, what do you want, fool?”. In fact, everything is much easier and simpler than we think. Don't reinvent the wheel and try to be the perfect woman. You just need to become one of those whom men never give up.


She does not depend on anyone, clearly knows what she wants and, most importantly, she is not afraid of loneliness. Such a woman will never love a man with painful affection and show her weakness towards him, because she knows how to enjoy spending time alone with herself and developing her personality.


Yes, no matter how much they say, men love a bitch - this is an indisputable fact. And then let him be hurt, his corny use or his horns with his best friend - he will suffer anyway, try to return and make attempts to start all over again. Here is such a love.

Realized in life

This is the woman who has found her place in the sun and, most importantly, receives undeniable pleasure from it. You can be implemented in different areas - career, family, children, interests, as long as it is sincere and with full dedication.


Eternally suffering, complaining, crying and seeing everything only in black people no one likes. So with women - men love optimists, those who relate to life in a positive way and believe that smile and laughter are the main keys to happiness.


Well, how can you abandon the one that is ready to break out of the house in the middle of the night in order to go to help out a friend stuck in the middle of the road? If a woman is able to fool around, embark on adventures and commit insane acts (at least sometimes) - the man will never dare let her go.


She is not just clever, she is comprehensively developed - she can support any topic of conversation, is always up to date with the latest events, is equally versed in both fashion and cars, and simply fights cleanly with her eccentricity. With such a woman will always be interesting and exciting.


Women who understand good humor are few. And those who are capable of joking and laughing at themselves are just a few. Usually after a sharp male irony, we get offended and pout. But they, on the contrary, appreciate those who are capable of laughter from the heart or, what is cooler, tell a greasy joke or an indecent joke. Laughter is the best medicine for all problems!