40-year-old woman - the cherished dream of any man

Do not think that men give exclusively young and mouth-watering. Mature, gorgeous women, who are slightly over 40, also have many chances to be noticed, and maybe even more than those who barely knocked 20.

1. Until old age is still very far away, because it is at 40 that a woman becomes luxurious and noble, like aged wine.

2. Such a woman knows how to take care, give affection and love.

3. She will not express herself in hints and speak in detours — this is not for her. She will say everything straight and without unnecessary equivocation.

4. A woman of 40 is incredibly seductive, men literally stick to her and attract.

5. She knows exactly what she wants and confidently goes to her goal.

6. She is very insightful, and because of her life experience, sees people through and is well versed in other people's natures.

7. Such a woman will not be jealous of a man for each pillar and arrange endless checks, because she trusts him.

8. A 40-year-old woman knows how to be grateful to her man and say thanks.

9. She will never throw up tantrums, arrange squabbles and scandals - all this she has already outgrown, her trump card is a calm constructive dialogue.

10. She is self-sufficient and will not begin to be humiliated, to be content and to step over herself.

11. This woman will never endure dirty linen in public and complain or discuss her man behind her back.

12. She does not care what others think about her. She always does what is convenient first of all to her.

13. She will not require a man to put their relationship above his interests, hobbies and friends. She will make everything so harmoniously distributed without harming each other.

14. She is able to build favorable relations with people around her, but she clearly knows who can be let into her life and who is not.

15. She does not envy anyone, because she knows that jealousy is one of the most destructive feelings.