A life

What is the benefit of mistresses

I married a very young girl, I was not even 20 years old. Husband Igor, too, at that time was a very young 23-year-old boy. In marriage, we have 15 years. Recently celebrated anniversary - crystal wedding. Over the years it was different, but lived well. Two children were given birth, a three-room apartment was purchased. I look great for my age, I watch myself. Were engaged in sex earlier on a regular basis. I thought that just because of age, sex became less frequent, and we have no problems with this case. Alas, was wrong.

Lately my husband has changed. He began to pay increased attention to appearance. And the behavior was different: the gleam in his eyes appeared, constantly good mood. But he avoided making love, although he had always been the initiator of sex before. All this seemed strange to me.

I decided to find out the reason. I have never really checked before whom he communicates with on the phone. She calmly let go fishing or beer with a godfather. Now began to look through the phone. He even kept an eye on him several times when he went "on business to the officer Sanaa" and "to watch football with the men." So I found out about his mistress. Tracked down how they met near the cafe. Kisses, hugs, tender looks ... It was clear that this was not the first meeting. Then we went to the restaurant and sat down at a table. I struggled to keep up the scandal. What did he find in her? Why traded me for such an inconspicuous aunt? They sat for no more than an hour, then they left. Traced this traitor and his mistress to the next high-rise building. It turned out that she lives not far from us.

Met with my husband's passion in two days. Especially waited a few hours until she comes out of his door. Immediately approached her and said who I am. Quite calmly, she began to reproach that she was breaking her family. Finally uttered the phrase:
- How did he even fall for you? No figures, no faces.

To which the impudent woman answered:
- Guys love liberated. And I just like that.

Then I could not stand it and grabbed an opponent for patly. She dragged her to the nearest flower garden and poked her face into the wet ground. I do not know where the forces came from. Then she turned around and, with tears in her eyes, went home. Long thought over her words. To myself, for many years I was afraid to admit that our sexual life cannot be called bright. Any innovations of my husband in bed, I stopped in the bud. I thought that everything was fine. Yes, and strict upbringing made itself felt.

I love my husband. She understood that she herself had pushed him to her mistress with her notoriety. I decided to fight for my relationship. Bought sexy lingerie. I read articles of erotic nature, naughty videos looked. There is a lot of information on the Internet now.

That night, two months ago, I will remember for a lifetime. I had to force myself to wear a transparent peignoir. The husband was pleasantly surprised. And when everything did not continue according to the usual scenario, it was in shock. Frankly, not everything worked out the first time. But the most interesting thing that I liked was to increase my sexual literacy. Memories of that evening still cause a pleasant smile. As they say, live and learn.

I was able to save my family. Frankly talked to her husband about everything. Feelings remained with both, just living together did not give any positive emotions. Spouse no longer communicates with his mistress. I am sure that now he will not need it. My husband and I got closer not only physically, but also spiritually. Feeling like we started the second honeymoon. I regret only one thing that I could not overcome my shyness earlier.