6 things that make a woman over 40 much more attractive to men

You can adjust your age not only with the help of plastic surgery, but also thanks to the wardrobe. In proof of this, let us tell you what things to choose, so that even at 40 look no older than 30 and like men?


As we well know, it is on the neck and in the decollete zone that the first age signs appear. It is because of them that you look older than you would like. But it can be fixed: enter into your wardrobe a turtleneck with long sleeves. This universal thing will not only hide the clothespins of aging, but also emphasize your figure.

Cropped trousers

They are not without reason gained enormous popularity. They will really make your figure more graceful and harmonious, and also focus on the most attractive part of the female leg - ankles. This is definitely a reason to acquire at least one such pair. By the way, cropped trousers can be worn safely in winter - with boots and ankle boots.

Laconic decorations

Do not wear, as in the song, all the best at once. Better bet on quality. For example, after 40 it is very worth wearing expensive jewelry and precious stones, but it is better to let it be neat studs, and not huge earrings the size of half of the face.

Steady heel

Heels make a woman more feminine and luxurious, and men always notice it. But if you put on a pin on which you can barely walk, then the men, of course, will notice you, but definitely not in the role in which you would like to appear before them. Therefore, a steady heel that looks no worse will be a much better solution.

Natural shades on the lips

Red lipstick makes you brighter and more spectacular, but it can also make you old if you pick the wrong shades. Therefore, it is much better and more correct to give preference to softer and more natural tones. We recommend looking at the light pink, as well as the peach.

Dresses and skirts above the knee

If you have a good figure, this is definitely worth using. It seems to us that this is an excellent reason to wear short skirts and dresses. Choose elegant silhouettes and interesting prints - they will make you visually younger and more modern, and very much like men. But from the "grandmother's" dresses, perhaps better to abstain.