13 signs that a man wants to part with you

When you are in a relationship - or even just passionate about a person - our vision of the world can wonderfully change. Things that usually seem alarming to us, we find excuses or dismiss them altogether. Sometimes we can even accept an attitude that in another situation would not be considered normal. Yes, it is a deception of love in all its glory.

Perhaps the worst thing that can happen to you when it comes to love is to fool yourself about how happy your man is with you. If you don’t see any problems in your relationship, don’t see that your man is unhappy, you run the risk of facing a shocking parting you didn’t even know one day and will not be able to keep a man.

If you want to be sure that you will not fall into this trap, pay attention to these warning signs - if you notice them behind your man, then he is probably going to break up with you.

He is silent, and your communication often seems forced

Does he speak to you like a script? You regularly have to look for topics of conversation, and maybe you have to constantly almost interrogate him so that he says something to you? A man who is not happy in his relationship, as a rule, does not want to talk with his partner more than he should for a tick, and this means that you have to worry.

You feel that you have to tiptoe around him so that he does not leave him to go.

As a rule, if you have to court a man and try his best to please him so that he stays with you. If a man is kept only mentioned things, the relationship is at risk.

He constantly finds reasons for quarrels, criticizes you for every little thing and just annoys you.

There are only two reasons why a man behaves this way: he is either the one who uses you, hating you, or the one who tries to get you to leave him. In any case, it is better to throw it like a hot potato.

Trying to get him to be attached to you is an impossible mission.
Men are most often attached to women who attract them, as well as to those with whom they are happy. If you literally need to make a man show affection for you or, even worse, tearfully ask him about it, most likely, he is not your man and he is not satisfied with his relationship with you.

You often feel more lonely with him than without him.

Let's be frank, if you really feel that your man has left you alone in your own relationship, the relationship is likely to not be saved.

He began to show more anger and complain about the relationship

Sometimes in order for a person to feel unhappy in a relationship with someone, it only takes one or two problems. If a man is constantly angry with you and pointing out a thousand problems in a relationship, he doesn’t like being with you, and he tells you how to fix it.

You have noticed that he stopped taking you with him as a “+1” for events.

He always invited you to corporate dinners and took with you to the celebrations of friends, but now he stopped? This happens most often when a man tries to “strike out” you from his public life and, eventually, to leave.

He constantly seems upset and irritable.

Although it may be a sign of depression, it can also be a sign that a man is simply not happy to be with you. In the end, people who love and enjoy their friends find joy in them.

He makes a lot of humorous remarks about divorcing you or how to “break up when the children are out of school.”

No matter how sad it may sound, in every joke there is some truth. When you joke about something like that, it often means that you thought about it more than once. Therefore, if a man thinks so much about divorce, this is a sign that he is not happy with his life with you.

When you are together, he constantly looks into his phone, it seems his thoughts are not with you, and in general everything looks as if he is forced to be with you

Have you ever been to a party you didn't really want to go to? Do you remember how you thought about trying to find an excuse to leave, but could not? This is the same, except that it is not a party, but a relationship.

You caught him laughing at you and saying really awful things behind your back

This is one of the signs that you need to leave immediately. At best, he does not respect you. At worst - he feels unhappy with you and is stuck in a relationship, but too afraid to tell you the truth. In any case, this behavior should be automatically recognized as an alarm.

Nothing that you do seems good enough to him.

If you are with a person you don’t want to be with, feeling grateful for what he does is sometimes impossible. Nothing that you can say or do will make him grateful, no matter how hard you try or how nice things you do. If you feel that all your caring and love-loving gestures go unnoticed — or, worse, rejected — then it's time to stop everything. Such relationships can not be called healthy or happy.

His friends began to behave cold towards you

If your man’s friends have always been kind to you before, but now they have begun to behave coldly and even allow themselves to insult you, this is a bad sign. This suggests that your man could say unpleasant things to them about you, or be displeased to respond to the state of your relationship.

You understand that if you didn’t try and hold on to relationships, they would have collapsed right away, because your man really doesn’t need all this

Do you realize that the relationships in which you are located only exist because you support them and do 90 percent of the work? If this is so, then your man is in fact dissatisfied with his relationship and is ready to leave at any time.