Over the age: 5 chips that women over 40 make funny

At any age I want to be attractive. But, at times, beauty trends, borrowed from the younger generation, create the opposite effect - and make a mature, self-sufficient woman simply ridiculous.


The highlighter looks very cool on the catwalks and on the gloss pages, but in real life it is appropriate, perhaps, at a party or in a nightclub. It is believed that the retroreflective particles that make up the highlighter visually level wrinkles, and it would seem that for a woman after 40 is just a find. Nevertheless, it is a very dangerous beauty product: firstly, its inept use can lead to the effect of “oily skin”, secondly, applied in the wrong areas of the face, it, on the contrary, accentuates skin imperfections, including age, and thirdly, you will shine like a Christmas tree. If you do not want to look like an actress of a drama theater, immediately get rid of this beauty tool!


After 40, makeup should be as close to natural as possible - this is not the rule or even a recommendation, but the truth of life. Bright make-up on a mature woman looks completely inharmonious - and contouring is the basis of this type of makeup. On the one hand, drawing and highlighting of individual sections allows you to create perfect proportions of the face, but the age skin is slightly different in structure, the muscles of the face behave differently than in younger people, and therefore you can hardly reach the ideal - mistakes will cost you a few extra years plus to your real age.


A woman after forty should look like a self-sufficient, wise lady, and not like a frivolous girl with long fluffy eyelashes. If someone thinks that with the help of such a trick, he will throw off a couple of decades, then I assure you, this will lead to a completely opposite effect. Puppet eyelashes look on the age face, at least, absurdly - or even completely funny. To single out the eyes of a mature woman, a couple of layers of mascara for volume is quite enough - both naturally and not elaborately and harmoniously.


Tanning very visually highlights wrinkles - here one could, in fact, put an end. In addition, it is quite difficult to apply it on the aged skin, and this a priori will lead to an uneven manifestation of tone, which will add to your image of unnaturalness - plus a couple of extra years. Tanning - in general, a very insidious thing, experiments with which can cost you nerves and spoiled mood. Moreover, on the skin after forty can appear unpleasant side effects, since during this period of life it begins to change in structure and even in composition.

Bright wide eyebrows

I really want to be in trend - at any age. The problem is that too wide eyebrows are generally very few people go, and especially funny they look at women in age. In addition, naturalness is in fashion now - fairly neat, well-groomed eyebrows. A woman after forty is generally better to give up bright accents in make-up, especially such controversial (even on young girls) as bright eyebrows.