Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: male Capricorn and female Virgo

Astrologers believe that the signs of the Earth are almost always combined well. More precisely, better than with representatives of other elements. But how well do they live when they are in a relationship? We have compiled a complete picture of the compatibility of Capricorn men and women Virgos

Male Capricorn and female Virgo in everyday life

Guests are afraid to come home to this pair. God forbid to move a decorative candlestick a millimeter on the table, or even break something - you can say goodbye, if not to life, then to the psyche for sure. Because these two pedants will not forgive you. But they are very comfortable with each other in this regard - unless, of course, one of them begins to find fault with the other on trifles. But it is already inevitable.

Capricorn man and Virgo woman in bed

Like it or not, and sex - a very significant part of the relationship. And here this pair is in perfect order, because their temperaments almost completely coincide. This, in turn, helps to be able to enjoy and deliver it. Unlike other, more temperamental signs of the zodiac, their relationship is focused on intimacy and tenderness.

Compatibility of the signs of the zodiac: male Capricorn and female Virgo

These signs define several major qualities:

  • Calm
  • Restraint,
  • Patience,
  • Hard work

They always know exactly what they want from this life and strive to achieve this at almost any cost. It brings them together.

Stronger in this pair is Capricorn, as befits a man. Virgo takes a true female role - she is ready to take care of her spouse and help him in everything.

There are a couple of negative sides:

  • Obstinacy: if a quarrel has ripened, it will be long and very boring.
  • Cold: both of them are not used to showing their feelings and emotions, and often do not understand the true feeling of each other.