A life

Not yet in-law, but already a monster

They were 17 years old. To her Vasily, Lizka fled after the uni, hungry, without rest, but then dressed, washed, put on her makeup again, on two buses with transfers. My first meeting with her lover: in front of me was my most beautiful sister in leather shoes with heels, a white suit and Vasily. He was dressed much simpler - black classic slates and black socks. But his brown eyes shone, the birthmark on the eyelid as if made up, the eyelashes are long, the eyebrows are black, and the skin is light, even with a pink tinge. Slates and socks really faded against a background of brown eyes. Guy PTUshnik, especially not shining knowledge, simple future hard worker.

For half a year, my sister ran on dates, and my beloved Vasilka was taken to the army. When they escorted Vaska, Lisa met her mother Ira. A small graceful woman, with a red parliament in her mouth, smoked one by one, while my sister kissed her beloved at the station. Vaska in the form turned from a monkey into a man. Mother aside, not a single emotion. Vaska and the other fellow fellows took the train as criminals, we ran after them, together with the crowd seeing off the guys. I went to Mom Ira, asked why you do not go? I saw such indifference, neither tears nor emotions.

- What for? Anyway, they'll take him away now.

I told Lizka that mom Ira is very strange.

- And what's wrong? Mom, like mom. But we did not interfere.

Lizka had been waiting for her soldier for 1.5 years, I had already managed to find a future husband, a cadet at that moment. Lizka walked with the girls, zero attention was paid to the guys, and half of the military school ran after her. There were no more feelings played, but Lizkina's decency, “I promised, I would wait.” Vasya almost did not call and did not write. A new wave of feelings overtook them half a year before demobilization. The time has changed a bit, Vaska has a phone, and he called Lisa every evening. They chatted for hours, the sister began to burn again.

One day she was going to Vasya's mother, to get to know her closer. Lisa came back nervous, about three hours later. According to her story, she expected to see a completely different woman. I bought, as it should be candy, snacks, a bottle of expensive wine (Lisa worked as a manager and received good). Mom met her not very much, tore out of the hands of the purchase and hid. They sat down, looked at each other, and there was a deathly silence. Mom Ira lit a cigarette and said, you know, Lizonka, my son is an idiot, just like his birth father. It is he who is gentle with you, at home he often gets drunk alone, climbs to fight his stepfather, steals from me and from the elder sister, and you are such a good girl, do not spoil your destiny. The whole intense conversation was conducted against the background of the unstoppable tobacco smoke, the fetid smell of cat litter, not taken out trash bags, standing in a row. Lisa tried to argue her mother, began to stand up for the sweet, but her mother knows better. At this meeting with my mother ended

Vasya became nervous, they often cursed, he began to disappear. Lisa called, he did not pick up the phone. Then he frankly began to go crazy, then he decided to part with Lisa, then he swore in love. Lizka roared every day and lived 5 months before the demobilization as in war.

Vasilek is finally back. They gathered the table, he simply made an offer to Lisa, the wedding is scheduled for October, in the courtyard in May.

Lisa finally realized that represents mother Ira. Vasya had her own room where Lizka had moved in. They did not have sex with Vasily. Mom Ira guessed to move to the room to the young. There, too, quietly did not work, mom Ira just sat in a chair opposite and looked at them. We had to be content with nature and entrances so that mom did not know. Lisa has become a slave around the house. Mom Ira did not scream, did not swear, she silently threw cigarette butts on the floor, silently left a mountain of dishes, silently wrote Lisa tasks, and what to buy home, what to cook today, etc. If they left Vasya for a walk, mom called Vasya and requested to urgently take her to the village, well, or urgently move the cabinet from the right corner to the left. I must say, Vasin stepfather just took a seat on the couch.

Tolerate all this Lisa could not. Vasya was given an ultimatum, either we move and rent housing, or I leave alone. Of course, Vasya did not think, my mother is the main thing, you are an egoist, she alone raised me, except for me she had no one. They broke up. Before the wedding, it did not come.

But Vasya Lisa never let go, then she will return with her love, then she will be gone. Lisa also did not let go. Only Liza did not know that her mother Ira had already found her lover a new bride, 10 years older than she, with her own housing and an adult child.

10 years have passed, the sister is not married. Vasily left the new wife soon, leaving her a young son as a souvenir. Gone to mom, nowhere working, drinking.