5 things men think about women

The psychology of men is completely different from ours. No wonder they say that men and women seem to be from different planets. It really is very close to the truth. At a time when we suffer from love, we miss a man, he may be busy with things completely unrelated to you. So, what do men think about women?

What men think about women: the most common things

The average man - that is, not Alfonso, not a pikaper and not a woman-hater, regards a woman as equal to himself. However, there are nuances that are worth considering before entering into a relationship:

  • A man wants to be a leader: after all, the stronger sex is there, not you. If a woman does not agree with this, there will be less contenders for her.
  • Submissive women like the minority: although this is a bit contrary to the previous point, but that’s how it is. A man very quickly bored with a woman who obeys him in everything.
  • A man loves if a woman lives a life independent of him: no, he certainly wants to be associated with her. But nobody likes the yoke on his neck.

Does a man think about a woman if she is not around?

Every woman probably wondered at least once whether a man thinks of her when they are apart. And here is the answer:

The brain of a man is not multi-tasking, and is unable to constantly switch. In other words, if he is at work, then he will be thinking about work, not about you. Do not be offended, this does not mean that he does not love you. It's just that it works.

How to understand what a man thinks of another woman

What to do if you suspect that he is thinking not about you, but about another woman? This may indicate such signs:

  • He is too caring for you: you even thought you had a birthday. But no, most likely, his conscience torments him.
  • He got rude to you: and vice versa, he is unhappy that you are next to him, and not she, and unconsciously blames you for this.