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The surest way to beat off a mistress of her husband

Just want to say that this story is truly brilliant. My friend Sasha told me about her, who, alas, learned that her best, wonderful, honest and faithful husband Serezha has a mistress. And already quite a long time - about a year.

By the way, Sasha was not a timid one, her head worked very sharply, and she did not want to give her husband, who in fact was not the worst,. Having digested the impartial information, Sasha did not cry, scream in the pillow, make scandals and tantrums, and wallow at Seryozh's legs. Needless to say, she also did not talk about what she knew about his adventures to the left. She put everything on the shelves, figured out how to act better, and began to work fine.

First of all, a friend found out the name and surname of the passion of her husband, good, in our age of information technology it is easy. Then the almighty Internet came to the rescue - in social networks, she found Seryozhinoy's mistress's page. Well, what to say, young cute girl, it is clear that coming from the province, by all means looking for a patron.

Having thoroughly studied the portfolio of the enemy, Sasha began to work on heavy artillery - she found a bearded macho photo on the Internet and created a “left” page. The man was called Dmitry and was added as a friend to Princess Tanya or, simply, her husband's mistress. Having written a couple of on-duty phrases like: “I really liked you in the photo, I want to get to know you better,” Sasha began to wait for a reaction.

The answer did not keep him languishing for long in obscurity, in the evening of the same for Tanya responded to the message of a handsome stranger Dmitry. This is how the sweet and romantic correspondence started. Sasha was a clever woman and knew well what young girls were being led to, so she didn’t let Tatiana too close, limited to polite compliments and talking on abstract topics - no vulgarity, frankness and offers to meet.

About a week later, Sasha asked Tanya for a phone number, because she knew that she, of course, would not immediately give it. Voila, that's what happened! The lady built herself an impregnable young lady, but all she had to do was give her a slightly hotter compliment, the girl gave up, wrote her number, and she also offered to meet.

And here came the hour of X. Sasha innocently asked if she had anybody. After that there was a long pause, and then a long message arrived that there is one man - kind, handsome, generous, sympathetic, but everything is difficult with him, because he is married, and while he is not going to leave his wife.

Sasha chuckled smugly and began scribbling: “You know, Tanya, you really were very interested in me and seemed like a real princess, but now I am completely disappointed in you. Contact a married man, be his mistress and talk so calmly about it? You were mean and not at all clever. I do not want to continue our communication. Goodbye".

What started after this is difficult to describe. Poor Tanya fell asleep to Dima with a mountain of messages, asking and begging to give her one more chance, because he, too, was very sunk into her soul. She swore and swore to break up with the “married woman,” claimed that she was simply a demon, and begged to meet.

After that, Sasha took the position of "evil peasant-tyrant." Tanya continued to write to her every day, to which her friend answered her in a rather rude manner, trying to hurt her in every possible way and unpleasantly speak out about her. What, oh miracle, Tatiana showed even greater activity and assertiveness and even more strongly achieved her Dmitry.

Soon the whole mess came to its logical end. Tanya has thrown for the sake of Dima, her hahaal And what about Dima? And he, of course, still could not forgive her for such a betrayal and blocked her from the ends wherever possible.

And Sasha, rubbing her hands, got her husband next to her again. Yes, I knocked it out, pulled it out of the hands of others, I can say, took it at the last moment, but did not allow a foreign woman to destroy what they had been building with Seryozha for so many years.