8 main rules in dealing with a drunk man

Nobody likes drunk men. But there are situations when, by chance, you are forced to stay with him and also create the appearance of communication. How to behave in this case, so as not to become the target of rudeness, rudeness and scabrous jokes?

1. Do not argue

To argue with a person who is intoxicated is useless. Therefore, whatever absurdity, nonsense and nonsense you did not show, it is better to calmly agree with everything and do not start up in discussions. This can annoy your opponent and turn bad in the first place for you.

2. Do not provoke

The drunk man always thinks more of that place than his head. That is why sexual violence is usually drunk. Better not wake the beast, do not seduce or provoke - away defiant clothing, unequivocal poses, flirting, flirting and coquetry. Even if you do not mean anything bad, your interlocutor can understand everything not at all and proceed to action.

3. Communicate on neutral topics

In order not to offend a drunken man for living, it is better to exclude communication on burning topics and discuss something neutral and harmless for both parties - weather, nature, cinema, etc.

4. Do not blame or reproach

This is truly a useless case in relation to the one who is tipsy. Firstly, your words will simply not be heard, and secondly, everything will immediately be perceived as hostile and cause aggression towards you.

5. Do not settle for a drink offer together.

In order not to lose vigilance and not to be on a par with the underdog partner, no matter how you are asked and persuaded, in no case do not accept the offer. And the instruction about "How to communicate with a drunk person" will not need you anymore.

6. Do not expel from home

As though sometimes it would not be desirable to make it, do not make this rash act. Your faithful podshofe, barely crossed the threshold of the apartment, will do a lot of unflattering business - meeting with friends, driving a car, entertainment, and further "alcohol". And if he remembers some old acquaintance and decides to meet with her? To eliminate all the risks and causes for excitement, just leave it at home and get some patience.

7. Do not compare a man with his relatives

This usually happens in the form of “You behave in exactly the same way as your father (brother, matchmaker), etc. By doing so, you will touch on a painful topic, because, most likely, his father does have problems with alcohol, and few nice to know and hear this fact. And, again, this comparison will simply lead to another quarrel, resentment and clarification of the relationship.

8. Do not make yourself pity

We usually do this with tears, lamentations and picture suffering. The sensitivity of a drunk person is reduced by almost 70%, so do not think that your man will immediately run to comfort and apologize. Most likely, this is your behavior, on the contrary, will cause anger in him, annoyance and aggression, and he will decide that you are simply manipulating him (and in fact it is).