5 reasons why men leave their beloved women

When a man leaves a woman, because he has found another, out of love, tired or just turned out to be not ready for family responsibility, this can be explained somehow. But if he leaves the one whom he loves with all his soul and considers him the best woman in the world, then there is nothing left but to twist his finger at his temple. The men themselves tried to explain their so strange behavior, and these were the 5 most frequent reasons.

1. A woman is more successful than a man

Remember the situation from the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" ?. And so, of course, this is all based not on an empty place, because for a man it’s really very painful and vulnerable if a woman becomes more successful than he. This can manifest itself in different areas - work, material well-being, popularity among people, etc. Genetically, the psychology of men has a tendency to dominate a woman, therefore, when roles change, for some it becomes too painful a blow.

2. Excessive love of freedom

There is such a category of men who value their freedom too much and simply cannot live differently. Yes, they marry, create families, build relationships, hoping that they will change. But, as a rule, no changes occur, and the man begins to break free. In such a situation, the man himself usually understands how painfully his second half is doing and it is mean, but he cannot change anything in himself.

3. Treason partner

Men experience betrayal much more difficult and more serious than women. Firstly, female treason is not a very common occurrence in itself, and secondly, it is much more difficult for a man to forgive, let go of the situation and press further, without looking at the past. Therefore, many simply leave if the woman is wrong.

4. The load of other people's emotions

A phenomenon catastrophically common in a relationship is the shifting of one’s own emotions and feelings onto one’s partner. Most often women are prone to this, blaming their other half and hanging the load of guilt. In fact, the boundary between the separation of oneself and another person should be very clearly defined in the relationship. When it is erased, the “I” becomes “we”, and personal boundaries are constantly violated, for many men this becomes an unbearable burden. It is impossible to constantly be responsible for the mood, life, happiness and feelings of another person.

5. Charges and discontent

Yes, and this can also be a reason for male care. His wife, "saw", which constantly expresses discontent, grumbles, is in a bad mood and blames, does not cause any emotions, except for the negative. Sooner or later, any cup of patience will overflow and even the most patient and agreeable man will not withstand the eternal reproaches and quarrels.