5 phrases that a man will never hear from his mistress

The wife and mistress for a man are 2 different planets, 2 microcosms, 2 polar lives that are completely different. That is why unfaithful husbands are so drawn to the one that is so different from the usual and predictable wife. The mistresses, in their arsenal, have quite a few tricks with which they are so cleverly forced by unwise machos to go left. One of these tricks is phrases that a clever lover will never say.

1. “You will do this again, and I will abandon you”

The mistress cannot say so, if only because her connection with a married man, as a rule, rests on him. After all, he determines the conditions of their meetings, allows or does not allow her to be near, and fully dictates the conditions of their relationship. So, in fact, only the man himself can drop it, but it’s not him.

2. "I am not interested in your problems"

This phrase is a direct path pointing to the door and ending the forbidden connection. After all, often, men are looking for mistresses not so much for carnal pleasures, but so much for a vest in which you can cry, share painful advice and get good advice. And usually the mistresses themselves readily agree to this role and try to maintain the image of a personal psychologist.

3. “I will tell your wife about us”

A clever lover will never threaten to destroy a man’s family. After all, in this way she will achieve absolutely nothing, but only completely fall in the eyes of her man, acquire many problems in the face of a rival wife, and, of course, the vicious love affair will immediately break and never be the same.

4. "I do not want to hear anything about your family"

A wise lover knows that for a married man the family will always come first. Therefore, she will listen to his stories about his wife and children delicately and politely, but the first one will never ask anything about them. The more tact she will have, the more trust her partner will have.

5. “Do it for me”

Such ultimatums are placed only by women who are in the first place with their man. And the mistress, especially if she is smart, knows that the top of Olympus belongs, alas, not to her. Therefore, asking to sacrifice something for her is an extremely short-sighted position.