Men called 5 things that spoil the reputation of women

What kind of women do men like? Of course, everyone has their own answer to this question, but everyone agrees on one thing - men like well-groomed women. But even if you have perfect hair and neat nails, there are things in your image that can spoil everything.


Underwear must be beautiful, especially if you are going to show it to someone. Let not ideally expensive or luxurious, but clean and looking new. Failure to follow this rule can spoil the impression about you.

Unpresentable socks or tights

Even if not holes, then arrows, puffs or scuffs - that's what completely kills your sexuality. Do not let a man think that you are a slob. Yes, and you yourself in new tights will be much more comfortable. By the way, wear torn pantyhose under the pants is also not worth it.

Faulty hardware

A constantly opening fly, a button that unbuttons a blouse and exposes the bust more than it should, darkened clasps on the bra and other similar details immediately make it clear that the clothes are not new at all. The impression will be the same as from the old one.

Things not to fit

It does not matter if they are too small, or vice versa, too large. If the thing is not your size, it will not exactly fit on you.

And although to pick up a thing in the store that would sit on you perfectly, to invest in a tailor who would fit the clothes under your figure is definitely worth it. Otherwise, how will men see that you have not spent your time in the gym for nothing?

Footwear shoes

Dirty, worn, with faded taps and some other shortcomings shoes can spoil the impression of your image, no matter how perfect. Be sure to repair it on time, and also do not forget to carry a sponge or brush with you if it suddenly gets dirty on the way.